iParts4U, a leading supplier of mobile and tablet parts, announces a unique lifetime warranty covering their replacement third party components for existing and potential customers. As a trusted UK supplier in the industry, iParts4U provides high-grade spare and replacement parts along with tools and accessories to aid mobile and tablet device repairs.

iParts4U makes sure that their products are tested and quality checked to meet high aftermarket parts standards. As part of their customer support, the company announced its upgraded lifetime warranty for parts and the team aims to maintain the trust and support of its customers and potential buyers through this change. This warranty, applicable for the lifetime of the replacement part, is a further step in demonstrating operating standards and quality of service for their thousands of customers in the UK and Europe.

iParts4U wants to ensure that customers have peace of mind when purchasing their products and can have confidence in the quality and reliability of their chosen parts.  In addition to the lifetime warranty, iParts4U also offer a “30 day return policy”, within which the company will provide a free returns label for the return and replacement of products that become faulty within 30 days of delivery. Customers who encounter problems with the parts that they bought from the company are also always welcome to call on their customer support regarding any issue. iParts4U will offer a refund or replacement in the event the fault issue can’t be resolved by telephone support. The products must be in good condition upon the return or replacement, as per company procedure. The items must not have signs of internal damage, a cracked LCD panel or torn flex cable as these can void the warranty.

The company also offers a hassle-free purchase procedure for the needs of their customers. The products they sell are available at competitive prices and the iParts4U Price Match Promise ensures that if a cheaper price for a like-for-like component is found elsewhere, it will usually be matched by the company.

Apart from the quality of its parts, iParts4U also ensures that components are available at an affordable cost for the benefit of budget-conscious customers. Their product range is very large and includes screen replacement parts, battery replacements, camera parts and assemblies, cases and other components for the major manufacturing brands available in the mobile and tablet market. All models, including the very latest, are covered and parts are available for both wholesale and retail customers.

With their long experience in the business iParts4U are continuously expanding their services and are increasingly offering more customised and branded products and services. They provide quality replacement parts for Apple, Sony, Samsung, Huawei, One Plus devices and tablets as well as other brands in the market.

iParts4U is a business that strongly values customers and are looking to expand their product range and customer facilities in the future. The iParts4U team is experienced in customer support and ensuring that new and existing customers are provided with reliable advice and guidance where they require it. This is available when choosing replacements, purchasing them and as an after-sales service. The lifetime warranty initiative is a further step in providing the best quality replacement parts experience in the business.

iParts4U is operated by a team that is composed of professional individuals that work with fairness and professionalism to support their customers. The company is also authorised to offer the products and services they sell so customers don’t have to worry about purchasing fake or low-quality, unreliable components. Quality-control is at the heart of customer support.

Having gained many years of experience in the business, iParts4U has gained the trust and achieved ongoing sales and support relationships with many clients. Delivering their products and standing by them with quality support ensures the company will continue to support its customers in the future.


For more information about iParts4U, visit their site at https://www.iparts-4u.co.uk or email them at [email protected].


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