ClosedWon® launches their new website and platform that empowers salespeople to close more deals, travel the world and enjoy life.

Las Vegas, Nevada – Companies hemorrhage a trillion dollars annually to solve B2B sales challenges – from enriching and verifying leads to qualifying sales meetings to nurturing  each relationship to ultimately convert to a close. 42% of sales development representatives lack confidence in the information in front of them before making a sales call. Moreso, 44% of sales reps give up after the first “no.” What happens as a result is frustration, when 67% of sales reps consistently do not hit quota.

Sahil Miglani, the Chief Technology Officer at ClosedWon® says: “While there are many sales automation services out there, none of them truly understands the sales needs of Generation Z. Using the right digital channel at the right time is the key to building a relationship. There are over 20M salespeople globally who prefer social engagements over email interactions and we see this as an opportunity. At ClosedWon®, we understand how important it is to nurture relationships where potential buyers are listening the most – our job is to focus on helping users how to tune in to earn engagements, not steal them. We believe in a future where humanized sales processes are scaled while repetitive tasks are offloaded to the machines.”

The ClosedWon® sales enablement platform provides support in the following three segments:

People: Access to verified & enriched database of potential customers

Campaigns: Activate a conversational & tailored omni-touch campaign

Scheduler: Save time by inviting your leads to view your availability to connect and close deals faster with an enterprise calendar scheduler.

Salient features include:

  • A unique technique to connect multiple email accounts to avoid getting blocked by the server. ClosedWon® AI distributes scheduled emails between accounts to guarantee the highest email deliverability rates.


  • ClosedWon® detects “PTO” & “OOO” responses. The campaign manager can send a personalized message to each contact who is away from their computer.


  • The platforms enables easy monitoring of key performance indicators and quick testing of different campaign elements including fields, sending times, subjects, images, copy, GIFs, and CTAs.


  • Learn as a united team, align all departments by viewing campaign results across every platform to identify the highest performing copy. We understand which campaigns and templates (voice, social, email or SMS) to automate and which copy requires more attention and notify you on the best performing content.


  • ClosedWon® AI gives you real-time suggestions on how to overcome objections based on your content sales playbook.


  • The most frustrating sales opportunity to lose is when your prospect signs up with your competitor because they thought you didn’t offer something you actually do. ClosedWon® AI automates reliable information that your prospects understand & trust.


  • When your team can’t find what they’re looking for in your knowledge base, they give up or sometimes even exaggerate. Sales rep asking a team member for information could kill productivity for everyone involved. ClosedWon® AI suggests just-in-time content so you can show off how smart and receptive you are.

“Only 3% of buyers trust salespeople.  My mom sold insurance in the Philippines. My cousins are salespeople in Hawaii. This is my community, my family and ClosedWon® has a responsibility to design an advanced technology that humanizes and radically simplifies an outdated sales flow for everyone involved. We want to create a delightful experience that revolutionizes the way buyers trust salespeople. Our biggest challenge is educating the future generation of salespeople to become servants of knowledge, educators, not just closers or appointment setters. We are more than that,” says Zen Lenon, CEO, ClosedWon®.

Launching a private beta solution in April 15 2019 and a founding team from, &, ClosedWon® has automated more than 100,000 prospects that led to 300+ opportunities and generated $10m of annual sustainable revenue for clients like Rakuten Inc. Croissant, and Yoshi Inc. ClosedWon®’s vision is to end missed connections, for Enterprise B2B SaaS.


The ClosedWon® sales enablement platform will launch as a subscription-based model next month. The platform’s verified & enriched database of potential customers and campaign manager will be available to purchase and the appointment scheduling software can be accessed for free upon signup.


About ClosedWon®

ClosedWon® humanizes business engagements with our omni-channel relationship technology. It is designed to efficiently convert data into meaningful conversations that ultimately win advocates. It empowers business people with breakthrough software including data enrichment, email verification, phone & social validation, and augmented sales coaching and content strategy.


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ClosedWon® started as a humble team of listeners, who care deeply about our community, environment, and animals. We’re obsessed with our clients’ success, so we fight for the most impactful results. Our integrity goes beyond ‘removing your shoes at the…

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