When working in construction, you need to know you can rely on dedicated suppliers to provide you with high-quality materials so that you can do your job safely and meet professional standards.

First established in 1977, Instarmac has gone from strength to strength over the years, winning multiple awards and building an outstanding reputation for its research, development and production of innovative construction materials. These products have proven to be versatile and incredibly useful in terms of highway maintenance, urban regeneration, tiling and flooring, and much more.

You can find the full range of Instarmac products on the Ultra Products website, one of the brand’s leading distributers.

UltraCrete highway maintenance solutions

Instarmac’s UltraCrete range of products is renowned as an ideal solution for all your highway maintenance needs. The impressive range includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • premium permanent patching materials
  • high-specification concretes
  • quick-setting repair mortars
  • anti-skid reinstatement solutions for highway repair and maintenance projects

Highway maintenance, though vital in our society, is unfortunately a substantial task that causes a lot of inconvenience to the general public, often causing traffic jams and delays as roads, cycle paths and walkways are repaired. As such, it’s important that the results from any maintenance work last for as long as possible in order to minimise this inconvenience. Instarmac strives to achieve this by providing premium products that are hard-wearing and independently tested, so customers know they can rely on them as an excellent long-term solution. The UltraCrete range includes hot and cold lay surfacing materials that have been successfully used on UK roads for over 40 years, innovative patch repair solutions, and high-specification concrete mixtures that are perfect for backfilling, post installation and surfacing. You can find the full range of UltraCrete products on the Ultra Products website.

UltraScape paving systems

Another great range of Instarmac products is UltraScape, which has been successfully providing the industry with high-quality paving installation systems for over 20 years. This essential product range comprises of BS 7533 high-specification bedding, priming and jointing materials that are designed to be durable, effective and economical. The range includes versatile cladding adhesives like the UltraScape Slipbond, quick jointing materials like UltraScape Cempoint and eco-friendly bedding mortars like UltraScape Eco Bed.

Instarmac believes that the construction industry, like most industries, can do more to protect the planet, and that it isn’t necessary to sacrifice quality when doing so. This is why the UltraScape range offers environmentally friendly products in the hopes that this will help customers to care for the environment for future generations while still getting the very best quality products available. Permeable paving and bedding options are proving to be particularly popular as urban areas continue to expand, offering a promising long-term solution to flooding issues.


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Established over 40 years ago, Instarmac UK is a leading specialist in cement- and bitumen-based products. Ultra Products is a dedicated distributer of Instarmac products in the UK, stocking a wide range of market-leading products, many of which are available for next-day delivery. For more information, please visit https://www.ultraproducts.co.uk/.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/instarmac-offers-specialist-cement-and-bitumen-based-products-for-the-construction-industry/

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