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Saunas have been around for thousands of years and are still popular today – and it’s easy to see why: a sauna can help people to relax and destress, and it may have other health benefits besides. Here, we explore just six of the many health benefits of spending time in saunas.

Six ways saunas can benefit health

  1. Reduces stress levels
    • The heat can promote relaxation and encourage a sense of wellbeing
  2. May help improve heart health and circulation
    • Exposure to high temperatures and induced sweating appears to have benefits to your heart
  3. May help with pain relief
    • Saunas increase the blood circulation in the body, which in turn can relieve pain and reduce muscle soreness
  4. Can boost immune system and cell repair, and prevent neurodegenerative diseases
    • Sauna sessions are shown to increase the body’s production of Heat Shock Proteins (HSPs), which has shown to boost immune systems, prevent neurodegenerative diseases, and increase the body’s ability to repair cells
  5. Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective properties
    • Nrf2 regulates the expression of genes with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and cytoprotective functions.
  6. May improve skin
    • Infrared saunas may have the added beauty benefit of making your skin look and feel better by increasing collagen and elastin in a safe and non-invasive way.

Despite these many health benefits and more, it’s important to note that you should talk to your doctor before going in a sauna if you’re pregnant, have low blood pressure, or another ongoing medical issue.

To have a safe sauna experience, be sure to: drink plenty of water before, during and after sauna use; limit time in a sauna to 20mins maximum at a time; don’t drink alcohol before, during or right after being in a sauna; and supervise children in a sauna, ensuring nobody under the age of six enters.

Top quality saunas

Supreme Saunas always aims to provide an easy, memorable shopping experience by offering quality products with top rated customer service and worldwide distribution. From indoor saunas to outdoor ones, they have the right product for you.

All of the indoor saunas Supreme Saunas stock come from Sunray Saunas, a brand who specialize in creating high-quality, durable and stylish infrared saunas to suit your needs. If you prefer a to choose from the collection of outdoor saunas, you’ll be pleased to know that they are typically larger, made from a few different types of wood (such as Nordic spruce wood or Canadian hemlock wood), and come with tinted glass to give you all the privacy you need. All the exotic outdoor barrel saunas Supreme Saunas have to offer are made by Dundalk Leisurecraft, a specialist company who really know their craft, so you won’t be disappointed.

Once you’ve decided on what kind of sauna experience you’d like, from where to put it to how big you need it to be, you can contact the experts at Supreme Saunas and start your sauna journey today!


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