As fitness trends come and go, one thing remains as popular and as effective as ever, and that is the indoor cycle. Whether it’s at home or at the gym, this form of exercise continues to thrive thanks to its versality and impact. With just one piece of equipment we can choose to exercise alone or with others, operate at dramatically different difficulty levels, watch as we virtually conquer mind blowing terrains, and use the data and tracking feedback to continuously enhance, learn and keep fit.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it became more important than ever to consider how we keep fit at home or in spaces that require lessened movement. Thanks to equipment such as indoor cycles, working out in such conditions is a breeze, and this flexibility is helping the nation to get fit on their own terms.

Indoor Cycles Online has been offering high quality indoor cycles since 2003. Key to their success is their knowledge, industry experience customer service and a vast range of products, enabling both individuals and health centers to choose the right indoor cycles to suit their requirements.

If you’re considering investing in an indoor cycle, here’s Indoor Cycles Online’ top tips:

  1. Indoor cycle tips for your home

Are you considering a home gym or workout space? You’re not alone. Many Americans are choosing to invest in gym equipment as they spend more and more time at home.

Indoor Cycles Online offer bikes of all shapes, sizes, and brands to fit most budgets. Whether you’re looking for sweet balance or mega resistance, the likelihood is that they’ll be able to recommend a bike for you.

The key things to consider when choosing an indoor cycle for your home workout space are:

  • Lifestyle
    • How often can you commit to using your indoor cycle? Minimally you’ll need to use it alt least three times a week, but for those who want to keep active more often or have a requirement to do so, a higher specification bike may provide better functionality.
  • Budget
    • Once you’ve worked out how often you can commit to using your indoor cycle, this should be an indication of how much budget you’ll need. For those who will use their indoor cycle just a few times a week, a lower specification and cost-effective option will do the trick. For those who will use them often and rely on them as part of their exercise routine, bigger budgets will of course open up more functionality and fitness options.
  • Capabilities
    • One important thing to consider is your fitness levels. Some indoor cycles are designed for those who regularly exercise and complete mammoth cycle routes, whereas others are specifically built for beginners who want to try it out and get fit. Look for such details in the product description before purchasing.
  1. Indoor cycle tips for fitness centers

There’s no denying the popularity of spin bikes and the likelihood is that your cycle classes are regularly booked up and attended. With stiff competition, how do you stand out from the crowd and ensure that your indoor cycle classes and equipment gives your customers exactly what they need, and encourages them to come back time and time again?

The key things to consider when choosing indoor cycles for your fitness center are:

  • Bike quality
    • You can’t hide behind quality when it comes to beating competition. Quality spin bikes are available within all price ranges, but naturally, the bigger your budget, the better the bike, and the better features you can offer. Better bikes weigh more, are built with strong and durable materials, and often come with built-in computer displays and metrics, something that is expected in today’s digital world!
  • Resistance
    • To offer a range of classes you’ll want to ensure that your spin bikes can handle both sprints and climbs. Whilst most bikes will have belt drives, resistance should be something that can be switched up and down with ease, meaning workouts do not become laborious. For true workmanship, take a look at magnetic resistance, as this can produce workouts so hard that even the most experienced spinners will find it a challenge.
  • Brand
    • People respect brand. At Indoor Cycles Online, they stock some of the most well known and respected brands in the industry, such as Schwinn, Star Trac and Stages. Investing in a brand of quality is not only a stamp of approval for potential customers, but it ensures that you are purchasing quality spin bikes that will stand the test of time.

Ready to join the nation and get fit with an indoor spin bike?

If you’ve been inspired to take up cycling, why not find the perfect spin bike for you by visiting They sell commercial quality indoor cycles to suit all budgets and all requirements.

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Indoor Cycles Online began in 2003 selling high quality fitness equipment at wholesale pricing in Southern California. Ove the last decade, they have experienced large growth, allowing them to expand their focus and their success, largely down to their many loyal customers. Find the perfect indoor cycle for your home or fitness center by visiting their website:


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Indoor cycles online began in 2003 selling high quality fitness equipment at wholesale pricing in Southern California. Over the last decade we have expanded our focus and our success story thanks to our many customers and now supply fitness equipment…

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