The Indianapolis hospital malpractice lawyers at Baker & Gilchrist hold hospitals accountable for their actions and have successfully filed malpractice claims against most major hospital groups in Indiana.  The attorneys at Baker & Gilchrist have more than 60 years of combined litigation experience fighting to hold hospitals responsible for harm caused by preventable errors.

Hospitals are supposed to have appropriate policies and procedures in place to make sure “never events” don’t happen. “Never events” is a term coined by the National Quality Forum which describes serious hospital errors that are preventable and should never occur. Medicare will not reimburse hospitals for injuries caused by never events. A helpful discussion of “never events” can be found at:

The “never events” occur more often than you may think. It is estimated that they happen thousands of times a year in hospitals across the U.S. Hence, a facility may be liable if it did not have the necessary policies clearly in place, or if the required training and supervision were never conducted.

Furthermore, hospitals can be held liable for the negligent acts of their employees. For example, if a nurse administers the wrong medicine to a patient, or a foreign body is retained after surgery or a patient is dropped during transfers, and a severe injury results the hospital may be found liable.

If the malpractice was committed by a physician or surgeon at the hospital, some might wonder: Can both the hospital and the doctor be held liable? According to the attorneys at Baker & Gilchrist, doctors and surgeons may not have the status of employees the way a nurse, technician, or orderly may have, but they still have the privilege of being able to practice or operate at the facility. Therefore, under some circumstances the hospitals in Indiana may still be liable for the malpractice committed by doctors and surgeons. The Indianapolis hospital malpractice lawyers at Baker & Gilchrist understand the complex legal and factual issues that may be present in a hospital malpractice case.

If you suffered serious harm while in a hospital and you believe it was because of preventable error, the Indianapolis hospital malpractice attorneys at Baker & Gilchrist will help you learn if you have a malpractice claim.

The attorneys at Baker & Gilchrist understand Indiana’s complex hospital malpractice laws and the lengthy process to file a medical malpractice lawsuit required by the Indiana Medical Malpractice Act and the Indiana Patient’s Compensation Fund. The attorneys work in collaboration with doctors and experienced healthcare professionals to evaluate your malpractice injury and build a compelling case.

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Indianapolis Hospital Malpractice Attorneys at Baker & Gilchrist Hold Hospitals Accountable for Their Actions

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