Saving energy is important to all homeowners. Yet when it comes to the windows and doors of our homes, these are often overlooked, despite being some of the biggest culprits for energy waste. As time goes on and cracks appear, sealants are worn down and gaps start to emerge, many of us either ignore these issues or try to fix them ourselves with cheap products from DIY stores.

Now, a company called The Verde Group who reside in Baltimore, are shaking up the market with their affordable, energy-efficient windows and doors, reducing homeowners’ reliance’s on doing a fix up job to paper over the cracks.

Customers are finding that there is real money to be saved by utilising The Verde Group to evaluate, design, and implement doors that have saving energy at the heart of what they do.

Here’s some of the ways The Verde Group, who reside in Baltimore Maryland, are offering such great quality products and saving energy for their customers in the process:

  1. Energy efficient doors

With a door that’s been made to save energy, you can ensure your home keeps its warmth while minimising cold spots. Key to saving energy here is glazing, as a double-glazed entry door means that protection is far greater than that of single glaze. Whilst The Verde Group can help you to design an entry door that would suit the aesthetics of your home, plus provide industry knowledge spanning over 25 years, their trained specialists will fit your door to the highest possible standard, ensuring that energy efficiency is maximized when it comes to fittings and futureproofing quality. .

Doors are often far worse than windows for heat and energy loss, allowing cold air and draughts in. The Verde Group, Baltimore Maryland can best advize on and install doors that minimize this issue.

  1. Energy efficient windows

Overtime, old fittings, seals, compression strips and sealants can become worn and allow cold air into your home, meaning that your heating has to work hard in order to keep it warm. Similarly to doors, the glazing you choose is vitally important a double-glazed window can create a highly energy efficient environment, whereas a single glazed window will not be as effective.

The Verde Group consider energy saving techniques through every part of your window design and installation process, taking pride in their workout throughout and guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Everything from the glass, pane gaps, spacers and frame materials are considered, in order to provide you with windows that look great and save energy.

  1. An abundance of options when it comes to design, specifications, and materials

You may worry that installing energy-saving doors and windows would be expensive, or that you’ll be stuck with boring designs. The Verde Group offer reasonably priced products in a wide range of options – 7 to be precise – whilst providing material options such as wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminium. Their services include:

  • Window Installation
  • Skylight Installation
  • Glass Installation
  • Door Installation
  • Roofing
  • Boardup
  • Window Design
  • Pre-made Windows
  • Custom Windows
  • Siding

… and much more.

Is it time you saved energy by replacing your doors and windows?

If you’re looking for door replacement Baltimore, MD or window installation Baltimore MD, The Verde Group can provide a free estimate to homeowners and business owners, and explain exactly what energy-saving options are available to fit your budget.

More information

The Verde Group is a door replacement and window installation company operating in Baltimore. With over 25 years of experience, their reputation has grown to that of one of the best options in the local area for updating your home or business. To get a free estimate, take a look at their website or to contact them directly, ring (410) 705-2117.


About The Verde Group

The Verde Group has been operating in the Baltimore area for 25 years. What began as a small family-owned company, has since grown a reputation of excellence, customer satisfaction, and premium energy – efficient home solutions.

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