Online for over 10 years and equipped with all the experience, knowledge and expertise you need on CBD, ICE Headshop offer you the best premium products, e-liquids, cannabis seeds and vaping accessories at their leading UK website,

With their reliable and highly rated service, along with constantly updating their stock to include some of the most innovative products from the best cannabis brands, you are sure to find a large range of lifestyle products, including energy powders, pills and CBD herbal incense, to fit your needs and budget.

The Benefits of CBD

ICE Headshop specialise in offering you high quality products rich in CBD.

Cannabidiol is extracted from the hemp plant (a variety of cannabis containing nearly no THC – the psychoactive compound that causes an intoxicating effect or high) and is isolated down to produce a CBD isolate.

This is then used in a range of products from oils, health and beauty to edibles and vaping, with consumers reporting CBD to help them with alleviating allergies and stress, while increasing their energy levels and fitness.

CBD Edibles

At their website,, ICE Headshop give you a variety of CBD edibles, that are all of the highest quality and lab certified.

With an assortment of product types from gummy bears, chocolate to capsules and protein shakes, that also come in a wide selection of flavours and strengths, you are sure to find something to tickle your tastebuds.

Kick The Addiction

One of the many advantages of CBD is that it is reported to not be addictive or habit forming. For this reason, many people are turning to vaping and CBD as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.

ICE Headshop have a range of vape kits at a variety of different price points to suit all budgets and come in the choice of short-term use to long lasting vape kits from top brands, such as, PAX and SMOK.

As well as this, at, you can find e-liquids, juices and CBD vapes that are available in many different flavours from leading manufacturers like ZAP Juice, Nasty Juice and Premium Labs, while also having the option to select your ideal level of nicotine strength.

Feminised and Autoflowering Seeds

Bred by award winning brands from all over the world, cannabis seeds come in an array of different genetic types to create their own unique profiles.

ICE Headshop have a selection of industry leading seeds from high quality companies and provide vital information with each of their products, so you know where best to grow them, their potency and how much they can be expected to yield. You can find all this and more at,

Feminised Seeds

Feminised seeds are genetically bred to contain no male chromosomes (as the male plant does not sprout buds), fertilise themselves and saves you valuable time and from trying to locate and remove male plants that have to be cut down.

Easy to grow and affordable, feminised seeds come in every type you could dream of and in a variety of different strains and delicious aromas.

Autoflowering Seeds

These seeds are renowned for their high performance and will flower with minimal effort, while having been developed to produce high yields, be resilient and easy to maintain both indoors and outdoors.

The autoflowering seeds available at ICE Headshop have all been produced by skilled breeders, such as, Auto Seeds, Critical Mass and Royal Queen Seeds, so you can rest assured of their quality.

For more information on autoflowering seeds, then please visit,

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