The cannabis seed industry is booming. Available to purchase in the UK, collectors of seeds search far and wide to find both popular and niche strains. Due the very nature of cannabis seeds, collectors entrust only the most reputable suppliers with their purchases, including those who can guarantee quality, provide detailed information on the seeds being sold, and who offer excellent customer service.

ICE Cannabis Seeds are a leading stockist of cannabis seeds in the UK. They’ve worked hard to not only build an online store that has a wide selection of options for their customers, but also to be an industry leader, informing the public on what these products are used for, the legalities, and the research behind them.

Now, following growth in their business and increased customer demand, ICE Cannabis Seeds have announced a new stock list, making them one of the largest suppliers of seeds in the UK.

Below, we detail the range of new products added to the ICE Cannabis Seeds stock list, including feminised seeds and autoflowering seeds:

Cannabis seeds stock list expansion

Cannabis seeds are collected by people all over the world. Over the past ten years, the team behind ICE Cannabis Seeds have worked closely with their loyal customer base to stock the seeds that are must-have, alongside providing some of the most obscure and unique strains on the market.

In their latest stock list expansion, customers of ICE Cannabis Seeds can find a multitude of new brands, seeds and strains available to purchase via the website, including but not limited to:

  • Sensi Seeds (Skunk 1, Auto Northern Lights)
  • Royal Queen Seeds (Lemon Haze, Bubble Kush)
  • Greenhouse Seeds (Kalashnikova Automatic, Jack Here Automatic)
  • Nirvana Seeds (White Castle).

To see the full list of additional brands, seeds and strains, head over to the ICE Cannabis Seeds website.

Feminised seeds stock list expansion

Cannabis seed collectors often start life as individuals who have a strong interest in CBD products, such as tasty CBD vape juice. Over time, modern breeders have perfected the feminisation process to create seeds that are stress-free. This means there’s no need to remove male plants and no waiting around. Many customers choose feminised seeds because they result in lots of buds at rapid pace.

New feminised seeds added to the ICE Cannabis Seeds stock list include:

  • Ice Seed Bank (White Widow, White Widow X AK, Critical X Kush)
  • Ace Seeds (Golden Tiger, Kali China, Violeta, Panama Haze)
  • Zambeza Seeds (White Widow XL, White Widow Haze, Vanilla Ice)
  • World of Seeds (Sugar Mango Ryder Auto, Pakistan Ryder Auto, Northern Lights X Skunk

Browse the full list of new additions on the website.

Autoflowering seeds stock list expansion

Individuals who enjoy collect autoflowering seeds are often looking for the best of the best, regardless of the product they are interested in purchasing. Whether it’s seeds that combine the potency and stable genetics of usual cannabis strains into one sleek package, or the best vape juice, gummies, or CBD oil UK wide, quality is a top priority.

Autoflowering seeds are the definition of quality and speed and are easy to collect. New additions to the stock list include:

  • Ice Seed Bank (Auto Sour Diesel Seeds, Auto Skunk Seeds, Auto OG Kush Seeds)
  • 00 Seeds (Auto Sweet Soma Seeds, Auto Bubblegum Seeds, Auto Afghan Mass Seeds)
  • Black Skull Seeds (Diesel-Matic Seeds, Critical Ryder Seeds, Auto Speed Haze Seeds)
  • Emerald Triangle Seeds (Lemon Haze Auto Regular Seeds, Headlights Kush Auto Regular Seeds)

These and lots more are now available to purchase via ICE Cannabis Seeds.

Updates to delivery costs, geographical services and shipping services

Just like when purchasing CBD products, such as e-liquid, oils, gummies or a CBD vaping starter kit, ICE Cannabis Seeds ensure their stock is shipped with discretion. All seed purchases are wrapped in discreet and inconspicuous packaging, products are shipped five days a week, and 1st class (1-3 working days) or next day delivery options are now available.

Those outside of the UK can now also purchase from ICE Cannabis Seeds online store, with delivery costs and shipping options detailed via the website.


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