Marsascala, Malta – The Saudi Pro League’s average growth rate reached 74% between July-August 2023 which shows the incredible momentum that the Saudi Pro League has built in the football world this year. Ibebet confirmed this accelerated growth and states that the Saudi Pro League is making a name for itself on the global football stage, with impressive growth and attracting attention from all corners of the sporting world. Over a short period, the league has demonstrated an exceptional growth rate, particularly when it’s compared to some of the world’s wealthiest football leagues like the English Premier League. Ibebet analyzed these growth trends and published a report that analyzes the players’ market value, the club’s market value, and the market values of clubs in the English Premier League.

Here are the main findings in Ibebet’s report:

  1. The Saudi Pro League has a current market value of about €6.6 million while the English Premier League is valued at about €53.8 million. Saudi Pro League is showing great potential since this market value gap between this club and the English Premier League is closing rapidly.
  2. The Saudi Pro League’s market values have grown substantially between July and August 2023 which signals a promising future for the league and its clubs.
  3. This rapid growth and the league’s increasing market value shows that the Saudi Pro League has an emerging status in the global football industry.
  4. The Saudi Pro League’s growth has outpaced the average growth rate of the English Premier League which is about 5%.

Ibebet’s report shows the impressive growth of the Saudi Pro League and gives an in-depth analysis of its rapidly growing market value which makes it a valuable resource for football enthusiasts interested in the development of this league. According to Ibebet’s report, here are the Saudi Pro League’s most valuable players:

  1. Neymar (€60 million)
  2. Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (€50 million)
  3. Fabinho (€42 million)
  4. Otávio (€35 million)
  5. Roger Ibañez (€30 million)
  6. Aleksandar Mitrovic (€28 million)
  7. Aymeric Laporte (€25 million)
  8. Talisca (€15 million)
  9. Edouard Mendy (€12 million)
  10. Ghislain Konan (€8 million)
  11. Saud Abdulhamid (€2.8 million)

Ibebet’s report also has detailed information about Saudi income and expenditures to give readers a better overview of the financial health of Saudi Pro League. Ibebet’s report states, “The Saudi Pro League’s rapid growth, burgeoning club values, and increasing player market values underscore its emerging status in global football. As the league continues to grow and attract talent from around the world, the Saudi Pro League looks set to challenge the established order in world football, making it a league to watch for all football enthusiasts.”

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