Our skin is a wonderful thing, but like any part of the body is prone to the effects of aging. By investing in your skin now, you can get results that last a lifetime.

Hydrafacial and Chemical Peels by Kapri Skin is a facial spa offering the best skin care facials including chemical peels and hydrafacials to clients in the Phoenix Metropolitan area (including Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe and Scottsdale Arizona). These are 5 of the amazing treatments offered at Kapri Skin that have the potential to change your life…

  1. Chemical peels

During a chemical peel treatment at Kapri Skin, a solution will be applied to your skin to start breaking down the old, damaged layers, encouraging new skin cells to begin to regenerate and boosting the skin’s youthful appearance.

This treatment has the powerful potential to erase fine lines, reduce signs of acne, and balance the skin’s texture and complexion, all the while promoting the production of collagen that is vital to a more youthful look.

  1. Customized facials

Everyone’s skin is different. Whether you’ve got problems with oily breakouts or itchy, dry skin, Kapri Skin can create a facial Scottsdale treatment tailored to suit your needs. There are even options for a facial for acne.

These facials can increase circulation, unblock pores, and remove dirt and dead skin cells, leaving the skin softer and more youthful. Kapri Skin’s popular custom European facial treatment involves a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extraction, steam, mask and massage. What’s more, Kapri Skin takes care to match professional products according to your specific skin type after a detailed skin analysis.

  1. Dermaplaning

Dermaplaning at Kapri Skin is an excellent way to get rid of that top layer of dull, dead skin, making way for healthy skin and more youthful complexion.

This process is different to a chemical peel because it uses a nourishing oil instead of chemicals, making it more suitable for those with sensitive skin types. During this treatment, a nourishing oil is applied to the skin to gently exfoliate, and an additional enzyme is then applied to digest any remaining dead skin cells. This removes any “peach fuzz” facial hair and gives you a smooth, radiant canvas upon which to apply makeup.

  1. Hydrafacials

A Hydrafacial is a popular treatment that addresses all kinds of problems relating to aging skin. This invigorating, revolutionary facial offers amazing results, with the potential to leave you looking younger immediately after leaving the spa.

Kapri Skin offers Hydrafacials as a fantastic way to cleanse, exfoliate and rehydrate your tired-looking skin in a few simple steps. Hydrating serums infused with vitamins C and E penetrate deep into layers of the skin, promoting collagen production as well as oxygenating and moisturizing the skin to boost its softness and youthfulness.

  1. Microneedling

Microneedling is a fairly new, minimally invasive yet powerful treatment that can help restore your skin’s youthful elasticity.

The procedure uses a sterile, single-use microneedling wand to create thousands of tiny punctures in the skin. Then, as the natural healing process takes place, useful cytokines and growth factors are released. This in turn helps to boost collagen production, resulting in smoother and more youthful looking skin.


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Kapri Skin is a beauty spa specialising in skincare treatments and teeth whitening. As a woman-led business, Kapri Skin is passionate about making beauty accessible to everyone.

To find out more about skincare treatments or a Hydrafacial near me, head to https://kapriskinbar.com/.

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I founded Kapri Skin in January 2020 named after my daughter Alexis Kapri and in remembrance of my father. Though he is gone, he remains the strongest part of me.

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