Engineered Performance Coatings (EPC) is a skilled surface engineering company offering a complete range of coating solutions, from developing and applying coatings to manufacturing fully finished components. The company’s HVOF services are particularly popular, given the rising demand for HVOF coatings during the last decade. HVOF’s positive reputation can be explained by its wide range of benefits over other coating methods such as hard chrome plating.

Here, we can explore exactly what HVOF is and explores what advantages it has to offer as a coating method.

What is HVOF?

HVOF stands for High Velocity Oxygen Fuel, and it is a very popular and efficient thermal spray coating method used in a wide array of industries and applications.

During the HVOF process, oxygen and some fuel (either a gas like acetylene, hydrogen, methane, natural gas, propane or propylene or a liquid like kerosene or ethanol) are ignited inside a combustion chamber, and then these hot gases are accelerated through a nozzle. A powder feedstock is then introduced to this gas stream at various locations depending on the gun or torch, where it softens and is accelerated to around 700 m/s before hitting the component surface. This results in a thick, durable coating with very high bond strength and low porosity.

Benefits of HVOF

Over the past decade or so, HVOF coatings have become more and more popular as an alternative to techniques like hard chrome plating. It’s easy to see why when you dig deeper and find that HVOF has a significant number of advantages over other processes:

  • HVOF can be used to apply a variety of coatings to suit different needs
  • HVOF coatings have a lower oxide content thanks to less in-flight exposure time
  • HVOF protects the surface of components
    • HVOF coatings are highly durable and do not suffer from micro-cracking
    • HVOF-coated components have excellent protection against corrosion, wear and fatigue
    • HVOF allows you to create thicker coatings
  • HVOF helps to cut costs and improve efficiency during operations
    • Faster turnaround times
    • Fewer steps compared to alternative processes
  • HVOF coatings improve the performance of components

Thermal spray coating experts

If you’ve seen the light and want to opt for HVOF coatings, you’ve come to the right place. EPC has a wealth of experience in developing and applying thermal spray coatings, including HVOF coatings.

The EPC team are constantly searching for new ways to use their specialist knowledge and problem-solving skills to find innovative and affordable coating solutions for their customers, and they love to offer expert advice. Why not get in touch with the team today to find out how they can help you?


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