Bruton, Somerset – Stem Cell Vet is excited to announce that it is pioneering an affordable payment structure for those without pet insurance to access revolutionary veterinary treatments for dogs with joint related issues. The organisation hopes this introduction of 3-year payment plans will meet the increasing demand for regenerative therapies by pet owners keen to access these life-improving treatments for their dogs.

Stem Cell Vet is the United Kingdom’s only stand alone stem cell clinic, dedicated solely to regenerative therapy for dogs with joint related conditions. Headed up by Dr Stewart Halperin, BVMS MRCVS, who has been trained in stem cell technology and now carried out hundreds of stem cell procedures on dogs in the UK.

Regenerative treatments such as stem cell therapy, are considered breakthrough therapies because they utilise the body’s own healing properties to treat the source of the problem, not just the symptoms and hence provide powerful and long lasting results. 

Stem cell therapy is typically covered by most pet insurance companies in the UK; however, those who don’t have pet insurance can now access the treatment due to Stem Cell Vet’s 3-year payment plan and Pet Regenerative Treatment Cost Calculator.

This flexible 3-year finance option makes the life-changing benefits of regenerative therapy accessible for all pet owners and allows them to improve the quality of their dog’s lives without worrying about the cost. 

The offer of extended payment terms for pet owners without pet insurance to cover the cost of regenerative treatments, such as stem cell therapy, has a 9.9% interest rate over 18, 24 or 36 months and an interest-free option over 12 months. 

Head of Stem Cell Vet, Dr Stewart Halperin, said, “Due to the success we are currently having with treatments, we wanted to help give all dogs access to these cutting-edge treatments. Therefore, we have introduced a finance package with credit terms over 3 years – bringing it into line with other monthly solutions pet owners might be giving their dogs. We are thrilled to be able to make it easier for pet owners and dogs, who otherwise would not have access to these life-changing treatments.”

In conjunction with its new affordable payment structure, Stem Cell Vet has also published an enlightening new Healing Your Dog’s Arthritis Free eBook to educate pet owners on the powerful benefits of stem cell therapy for dogs.

New Affordable Financing 

The new flexible finance options by Stem Cell Vet make the life-changing benefits of regenerative therapy accessible for all pet owners. With the organisation’s cost calculator, pet owners can easily determine payment estimates on what they will be paying each month; for example, if someone borrows £5,000, then they will pay £160 per month over 36 months for their dog’s regenerative therapy (with a 9.9% APR). 

It has been calculated by pet insurance companies that the average pet owner who is searching for arthritis treatment for dogs will spend £7,000 over 3 years on

solutions to manage their dog’s condition. Most of these solutions require ongoing daily, weekly or monthly administration. Stem cell therapy, on the other hand, may only require one treatment, and the benefits of pain reduction and improved mobility can often last the dog’s lifetime.

Regenerative therapies use the body’s own healing properties to treat the source of the problem, not just the symptoms. This is important to some dog owners who are looking for more than a ‘band-aid’ solution and may want as natural a treatment as possible.

Additionally, Anti-inflammatories for pain control can cost upwards of £150 per month, monthly laser or acupuncture treatments cost approximately £45 a session, with multiple sessions needed each week to begin with, and a monthly injection of Librela costing up to £150 per month. Unlike regenerative therapy, these therapies and painkillers for dogs may or may not help reduce the dog’s pain and will likely be needed throughout the dog’s life.

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