New Hampshire, United States – Eric Spofford, among countless individuals in America, struggled with opioid addiction. Today, Eric runs Spofford Enterprises, an investment firm specializing in real estate, venture capital, and entrepreneurial coaching, and has become a self-made multimillionaire. His journey from battling addiction and homelessness to achieving multimillionaire status serves as an inspiration to many addicts seeking recovery.

The journey to becoming an entrepreneur with a $100,000,000 net worth was treacherous. At just 10 years old, Eric started to feel anxious and out of place among peers which led to him drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. This coping mechanism helped his negative feelings melt away initially but started a dark road which proved hard to escape.

Eric progressed to OxyContin and later heroin. This led to four overdoses, one of which required resuscitation. After waking up in a hospital from his near-fatal casualty, Eric was admitted to a rehab centre. Unfortunately, only 4 months after being released, the addiction came back.

Desperate after hitting the lowest part of his life, Eric who was not spiritual or religious prayed for help and started the process of recovery again. He was extremely sick with withdrawal symptoms from using drugs for years but made it through. During this time, he sought community and advice from AA who introduced him to the 12-step program, personal development work, and recovery work. Eric delved passionately into the work and started to rebuild his life as well as revive his relationship with his dad.

This led Eric to found and operate The Granite House, a sober living house which was the first of its kind in New Hampshire. Under his leadership, the business grew to become one of the largest addiction treatment organizations in New England. The Granite House was born out of Eric’s personal battle with drug addiction and his journey to recovery. His mission was to support others facing similar struggles. In 2021, the company was sold for nine figures and is now part of Granite Recovery Centers.

With The Granite House sold, Eric set up Spofford Enterprises. “Spofford Enterprises oversees investments in commercial and multifamily real estate, private equity funds, a media company, and behavioral healthcare businesses, among other innovative ventures,” said a spokesperson for the company. He continues his life of servitude in the business world.

Eric Spofford: Entrepreneur inspires people who suffer from substance abuse. His life-changing journey from addict to multimillionaire shows that our lowest points can serve as springboards for our greatest successes.

Eric Spofford: Entrepreneur is available for keynote speaking events and as a podcast guest where he will talk about topics including business development, overcoming adversity, addiction management, mental health, and real estate.

About Eric Spofford: Entrepreneur

Eric Spofford: Entrepreneur is an addict turned real estate mogul and business entrepreneur. Eric Spofford now inspires addicts to turn their lives around and helps aspiring entrepreneurs by sharing his journey and providing supportive resources.

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About Eric Spofford: Entrepreneur

Eric Spofford is the CEO of Spofford Enterprises. He is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, recovered drug addict, and student of the game. At 23, inspired by his own struggles with addiction, Eric founded and operated one of the largest addiction…

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