Copenhagen September 8th 2020 – is an incredibly useful housing portal website that acts as an agency connecting landlords with tenants across Denmark, and its sister site provides the same service for landlords and tenants in Sweden. The innovative team behind these sites is currently working hard to launch their new project, Rentola, later this year in 32 different countries. In doing so, it is their hope that they can provide even more vital links between landlords and tenants across the globe in the future.

Both existing housing portal sites have a large selection of apartments, houses and rooms available at a variety of different price ranges, so those looking for new accommodation can simply conduct a search to find something both in budget and suitable for their needs – plus, landlords can easily connect with tenants. The useful search tool allows you to filter results by city, maximum rent, housing type and other search criteria that are relevant to you, and see a list of homes that suit you. There is even a feature allowing you to create a free ‘BoligAgent’, which does the hard work for you and notifies you of any new homes that match your search criteria.

Supporting landlords through a global pandemic

The spread of COVID-19 has affected all aspects of our lives across the globe, including the real estate market. Some landlords have been impacted negatively by these changes, like those who have invested in buy-to-let properties and rely on the income they generate to pay off the mortgage on another property, or those who have empty properties they are struggling to fill due to the pandemic. However, Findboliger and Bostadshub are there to support landlords in finding responsible and reliable tenants to make everyone’s lives that much easier.

The housing market is facing uncertain times, it’s true, but even if house prices fall as seen with other recessions, all is not lost. Many landlords are looking at adding low-cost properties to their portfolios in order to rent them out to tenants in need, while new aspiring landlords are taking their first tentative step into investing in a property to let. Property is a wise long-term investment, after all – one which is usually secure and pays a good return years down the line. If you’re one of these new landlords stepping onto the property ladder thanks to COVID-19, you won’t find a better place to list your new buy-to-let property than through Findboliger or Bostadshub.

Helping tenants thrive despite COVID-19

The team at Findboliger and Bostadshub put all their efforts into creating safe spaces for tenants to connect with trusted landlords in their area, because the last thing you need in a pandemic is to have to stay cooped up in a sub-standard property with an unreliable landlord.

At a time when most of us have been confined to our homes and isolated from society, communication between landlords and tenants is now more vital than ever before. Findboliger and Bostadshub make it easy for you to find a trustworthy landlord and effortlessly stay in touch despite difficult periods. This direct lifeline between tenants and landlords is invaluable when you’re confined to the house and something goes wrong at home; by keeping in touch through the housing portals, you can easily ask your landlord to fix the issue in no time.

More information

For more information on Findboliger or to browse properties in Denmark, please go to the website and use the handy search tool to help you find the perfect accommodation. If you’re a landlord based in Denmark, you are of course also welcome to list properties on the site to find trustworthy tenants. Alternatively, if you’re a tenant or landlord based in Sweden, please visit Bostadshub’s website at and find the perfect connection to find accommodation or rent out your property.

If you have any queries, please email [email protected] or feel free to phone +004523469857.


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We are one of Denmark’s largest housing portals with almost DKK 2 million. visitors every year and +20 years of experience from the rental housing market.

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