The covid-19 pandemic completely changed the way we shop for products. As shops were inaccessible and customers asked to stay at home, it was down to retailers to ensure their product lines could be viewed and purchased online, to keep their business running, and to keep shoppers buying.

One such company that had already invested heavily in their online store before the pandemic had hit was Homes Direct 365. A leading retailer in luxury furniture, including display cabinets, storage trunks, home bars and chandeliers, their model of online-only meant that they were ready for consumers when online was the only way.

What’s happened since then is quite astounding. The shift in shopper mentality has, now more than ever, moved to an online-first approach. Buyers would rather research products, view images, read specifications, and ultimately buy online. For online stores such as Homes Direct 365, this has resulted in large expansions, to the benefit of consumers.

Below, we take a look at how the covid-19 pandemic has shifted shopper mentality, and how an increase in online purchases has resulted in a large expansion for Homes Direct 365:

Covid-19 forced retailers to invest in online sales platforms, and this benefitted consumers

HomesDirect365 have always been an online sales platform, providing consumers a huge choice in luxury furniture at the click of a button. However, for the many retailers who hadn’t invested time, effort, or money into their digital presence before the pandemic yet, it was a stark wake up call.

With the population told to stay at home, retailers had to act fast and provide consumers a way to buy online. This quick yet efficient shift was much to the benefit of buyers, as more than ever before, they could browse thousands of products and take advantage of free delivery and easy returns, all whilst relaxing in the comfort of their own home.

Consumers who wouldn’t usually shop online for furniture, now trust the process

Online shopping isn’t a new phenomenon, and many UK consumers admittedly prefer being able to make purchases whilst sat at home, not having to worry about petrol costs or transportation of goods. However, before the pandemic, some consumers hadn’t yet realised the benefits of shopping for luxury furniture online, and whilst online sales certainly did happen, many still preferred to head out to the shops.

Now, online shopping for luxury furniture from the likes of Homesdirect365 is a no brainer. It’s incredibly easy to do, product pages provide all the images, information, and payment options you could ever need, and delivery is incredibly straight forward. The covid-19 pandemic shifted consumers mindsets, and buyers now trust the process having dealt with it first-hand and had fantastic shopping experiences.

Buying luxury furniture online has never been easier or more rewarding

Homes Direct 365 one of the leading online stores in the UK for luxury furniture. Specialising in shabby chic and contemporary furniture, consumers can browse a vast range of products for their bedrooms, dining rooms, lounges, kitchens, bathrooms, and gardens, including:

  • French Furniture
  • Mirrored Furniture
  • Modern and Contemporary Furniture

Some of their most popular products include their London telephone box display cabinets, their luxury storage trunks and of course home bars (another popular choice as a result of the pandemic!). With free delivery available on all orders and 0% finance options, their products are unique, visually stunning, and importantly, long-lasting.

View the full luxury product range at:

What does the future of luxury furniture shopping look like?

The covid-19 pandemic has certainly made online shopping a much less daunting and more approachable option. Consumers are benefitting from an online-first approach, and the growth in this area shows no signs of slowing down.

When it comes to growth, Homes Direct 365 itself has had the opportunity for large expansions to their luxury product lines, staff, their warehouse, and their logistics capabilities, largely due to the uptake in online shopping.

If you’re looking for unique luxury furniture to suit your style and décor, look no further than Homes Direct 365:


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