As the Covid-19 pandemic begins to ease in the UK, another pandemic begins. The number of people checking in to rehabilitation centres is skyrocketing.

When Covid-19 became a global issue and the country went into a state of lockdown, rehabilitation centres were fairly busy for the most part. With people told to stay at home and lives put on hold, many addicts were resilient and wanted to ensure they did not slip into substance abuse patterns, seeking help and support from private centre’s across the UK.

However, since the lockdowns were removed in the UK, help4addiction, the country’s largest addiction advisory service, have seen a staggering 325% increase in alcohol and drug addiction calls. Such is the scale of the increase, help4addiction say the rehabilitation centre market has become saturated with people wishing to check-in to centres and receive treatments for alcohol and drug addiction.

Below, help4addiction outline why there’s been an increase in demand for rehab services and treatments post-lockdown, and what to do should you or a loved one need help:

The pandemic has caused an immeasurable negative impact on mental health, and many are seeking out help in its fall out

For many, the Covid-19 pandemic was like nothing they’ve ever experienced before. The struggles associated with losing loved ones, becoming ill, being told to stay at home, deciding on whether to be vaccinated, closing a business, or losing a job, have all caused an immeasurable negative impact on the mental health of large parts of the UK population.

Any one of these situations could have a substantial and detrimental impact on your mental state, but having to deal with many of these issues at the same time, whilst navigating a drug or alcohol addiction, adds another layer of complexity and stress that for many is incomprehensible. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in the demand for substance addiction support and help.

For many addicts, drink and drugs is not seen as a problem, but rather a solution, and removing lockdowns has meant people are slipping into old habits

For those who truly struggled to navigate the pandemic, many unfortunately did see drink and drugs as a solution, rather than a problem. Providing a temporary fix to ease the burden of mental anguish, they resorted to habits that in the long run, will only cause further pain.

The removal of lockdown also had a psychological impact for those who have felt stuck or restrained for the past year. The option to socialise without restriction has meant that many addicts have resorted to abuse drugs and alcohol once more to celebrate their freedom and the return to normality.

If you’d like to speak to somebody about alcohol or drug addiction, please visit the help4addiction website:

help4addiction have had a 325% increase in calls since the lockdown ended, yet the cost of private rehab has fortunately not increased, despite a demand increase

Since the lockdown was removed, the team at help4addiction have been inundated with requests for help, support, advice, treatments, and for information about the cost of rehab. Fortunately for those seeking help, the cost for private rehabilitation has not spiked, despite the increase in demand, and they continue to provide addicts with the information they need to find the options and treatments that suit them.

One such rehabilitation centre they recommend is Verve Health, who provide world class and luxury rehabilitation experiences at affordable prices to anyone seeking help for alcohol or dug addiction, amongst other addictions and mental health related issues:

What to do if you or a loved one needs help or support with an addiction

As the UK’s largest addiction advisory service, help4addiction are here to help. Their website has an abundance of information around addictions, and lots of clear and concise advice on treatments and rehabilitation centre’s.

If you need somebody to talk to, they provide a free callback service, and can call you back within minutes. You can also set up a free consultation.

Visit their website today – they are here for you.


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The experienced team at Help4addiction are always on hand to offer you the most personal and cost-effective options available for Alcohol and Drug addiction treatment. With a free 24/7 call back service, give them a call today to discuss treatments for you or a loved one, or visit the website to learn about rehabilitation and detox:


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Our experienced team at Help4addiction are always on hand to offer you the most personal and cost effective options available for Alcohol and Drug addiction treatment.

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