A single gunshot can cause permanent hearing damage. Regular exposure can also cause tinnitus as well. Choosing the right hearing protection is critical for preventing and minimizing hearing loss.

Boulder, CO – While gun safety is paramount, protecting your hearing is often an overlooked aspect. EAR Inc., a leading provider of hearing protection for shooters, stated that gunfire exceeds 140 decibels and can be as high as 190 decibels, far surpassing the threshold for permanent hearing damage.

Even a single gunshot can cause lasting harm, and regular exposure can lead to tinnitus, a constant ringing or buzzing in the ears. 

An informal survey of shooters by EAR. Inc. at a recent Grand American trapshooting event found that nearly 30% of respondents already experienced hearing loss.

“We don’t have to accept hearing loss as part of shooting,” says Garry Gordon of EAR Inc. “EAR Inc offers hearing protection for hunting and shooting, so you can enjoy your sport safely.”

Top Three Options for Gunshot Hearing Protection

Custom Molded Ear Plugs

Custom molded earplugs from EAR Inc. (earinc.com) can help hunters and shooters preserve their hearing.The silicone ear plugs are a popular choice for the following reasons:

  • Superior Noise Reduction:  Molded plugs conform exactly to your ear canal, creating a better seal than generic options. This translates to a higher Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), ensuring effective blockage of harmful gunfire noise (over 140 decibels).
  • Enhanced Comfort:  Custom molds are made from your individual ear shape, resulting in a comfortable fit for extended wear during hunting or shooting sessions. Unlike generic plugs, they won’t irritate or cause pressure points.
  • Improved Safety:  By effectively dampening loud noises, molded earplugs allow you to focus on essential sounds like conversation and game noises. This heightened awareness can contribute to overall shooting safety.
  • Multiple Filter Options:  EAR Inc. offers molded plugs with filters that can be customized. These filters allow sounds below a certain decibel level (like normal conversation) to pass through while still blocking harmful gunfire noise.
  • Long-lasting Durability:  Silicone is a water-resistant and durable material, making these plugs ideal for various weather conditions encountered while hunting or shooting.
  • Children’s Options:  EAR Inc. provides solutions like Insta-Putty specifically designed for children’s smaller ear canals. This ensures their hearing is protected as well.

EAR. Inc. recommends considering the following factors when selecting molded earplugs:

  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): Ensures the plugs effectively block harmful noise.
  • Fit: Improperly fitted plugs compromise protection. Look for experienced fitters who use high-quality materials.
  • Comfort: Molded plugs can be customized for long-lasting comfort.
  • Features: Options include filters for selective sound reduction and monitors for listening to music.

EAR. Inc. offers a variety of molded earplug solutions, including Insta-Putty for children and plugs with customizable features. 

Electronic Ear Plugs

Electronic ear plugs like ShotHunt ear plugs, available at earinc.com, can offer several advantages in protecting your hearing from gunshot noise:

  • Dual Protection:  They combine passive noise reduction with active noise cancellation. The passive aspect physically blocks sound with ear tips, while the active technology electronically dampens loud noises exceeding a set threshold (typically around 82 dB). This double layer of protection ensures better safeguarding against the extreme decibel levels of gunfire (over 140 dB).
  • Preservation of Ambient Sounds:  Unlike traditional earplugs that block all sounds, electronic plugs like ShotHunt allow safe ambient sounds to pass through. This means you can still hear conversations, instructions, and even important environmental cues like approaching game.
  • Enhanced Situational Awareness:  By preserving important sounds, electronic plugs promote better situational awareness on the shooting range or hunting grounds. This can contribute to overall safety and a more enjoyable experience.
  • Volume Control:  Many electronic plugs, including ShotHunt, offer adjustable volume control for the amplified ambient sounds. This allows you to personalize the listening experience and hear important sounds at a comfortable level.
  • Multiple Listening Modes:  Some electronic plugs provide different listening modes. For example, ShotHunt offers modes for focusing on isolation, natural listening, or enhanced awareness of surrounding sounds.

Earmuffs for Shooting and Gunshot Protection

Earmuffs offer easy on/off use, comfortable fit, and good noise reduction for shooting. They can be shared and keep ears warm in cold weather. However, electronic earplugs might be better for those who prioritize maximum noise reduction, a custom fit, or the ability to hear surrounding sounds. Custom molded earplugs also offer more hearing protection.

For more information on EAR Inc.hearing protection solutions for gunshot noise, visit earinc.com.

About EAR, Inc.

E.A.R. Inc. (earinc.com) is a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialized hearing protection solutions. They offer a wide range of products for various applications, including custom-molded earplugs specifically designed for the needs of hunters and shooters. E.A.R. Inc. prioritizes innovation and user safety, ensuring exceptional hearing protection without sacrificing comfort or performance.

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