Zurich, Switzerland – Growthbay GmbH (https://www.growthbay.ch/), a growth marketing company based in Switzerland, is proud to announce the launch of its new website, which is dedicated to helping both Swiss and international companies achieve sustainable growth.

Founded by former Head of Marketing and Product, Kevin Sturm, Growthbay GmbH covers a range of topics, such as growth hacking, SEO, analytics and CRO, to deliver companies with effective, data-driven websites to accelerate their growth. With a bespoke operating system that leans heavily on testing, measuring, and optimising, Growthbay GmbH will create a customised plan for clients that is tailored for success.

“My passion is in identifying key growth bottlenecks and fixing them,” said Growthbay GmbH founder Kevin Sturm. “Depending on my role, I can orchestrate your growth marketing together with you and your team or as a done-for-you service with my team of vetted specialists.”

With extensive experience working with a range of local and international companies, Growthbay GmbH has the experience to identify the patterns clients can fall into that block their growth, as well as how to swiftly pinpoint these issues and efficiently overcome them.

From the initial consultation to the actionable strategy and follow-up, Kevin Sturm ensures only to work with a maximum 3 clients at a time to ensure focus, as well as their access to sought-after UX, dev and channel experts. Some of the areas the growth marketing specialist offers advice in English, Swiss German, and German include:

Landing Page Optimisation: Companies will be able to convert more of their hard-earned website users into qualified leads through professional landing page optimisation.

Data Analytics: Growthbay GmbH will build a reliable infrastructure where clients can trust their data to drive important business decisions.

Channel Management: Get quality leads from channels like Google Ads, LinkedIn and SEO and drive down CAC.

Growth Hacking: Utilising both qualitative and quantitative data analysis and experimentation, Growthbay GmbH provides companies with the strategies needed, such as creating new demand, capturing existing demand, uncovering growth blockers, and building foundations for growth to ensure the most successful ways to boost long-term growth.

“Working with me means working with someone who speaks your language. No matter if you’re a technical founder, numbers-driven CEO or performance-oriented marketer – chances are I’ve worked with someone like you before,” furthered Growthbay GmbH founder Kevin Sturm.

Growthbay GmbH invites Swiss and international companies searching for a repeatable system with actionable plans instead of random tactics or hacks to improve their overall growth to use the convenient calendar on its website to schedule a growth strategy call today.

More Information

To learn more about Growthbay GmbH and the launch of its new website, please visit www.growthbay.ch.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/growthbay-gmbh-announce-launch-of-new-website-offering-companies-data-driven-insights-into-achieving-sustainable-growth/

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My passion is in identifying key growth bottlenecks and fixing them. Depending on my role I can orchestrate your growth marketing together with you and your team or as a done-for-you service with my team of vetted specialists.

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