Floor cleaning products deemed “earth-friendly” and “human-safe”

Summary: The Green Clean Institute evaluates CoverTec Products for safety and certifies the flooring care and specialty sealants to be environmentally friendly

SUNRISE, FL – CoverTec Products, known for its high-quality floor cleaners, sealers, coatings and specialty surface protection products, has been certified by the Green Clean Institute for its environmentally friendly product line. 

The Green Clean Institute recently evaluated CoverTec’s floor strippers, sealers, cleaners, finishes and maintenance products for safety, noting that no process is 100 percent green. Their research found CoverTec’s floor care products to have the following “green” attributes:

  •   Reduced PH levels
  •   Natural (microbial) ingredients
  •   Concentrates
  •   Safe ingredients
  •   Non-toxic composition
  •   No adverse chemicals/processes used in manufacture.

The Green Clean Institute certified CoverTec’s floor care product line as “earth-friendly,” “human-safe” and “energy-saving.”

Some of the more noteworthy products include their line of microbial cleaners like CoverClean FG, CoverClean HC and CoverClean AE.

Also popular with contractors and DIY users are Surface PrepWork, Emerald cleaner, CoverSeal Pen50 and CoverSeal Premium.

CoverTec is a recognized industry-wide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of commercial floor cleaners, coatings and waterproofing products.

“Our floor coating products are safe to use, safer for the environment and safe to use around pets,” said Charles Idowu, CoverTec’s technology director and company owner. “CoverTec’s floor coating products are environmentally-friendly. This is a big thing because we sell to schools and hospitals.”

CoverTec manufactures professional grade products but also makes its floor coatings and specialty sealants available to the do-it-yourself homeowner market.

“People want to make sure the chemicals they are using in their house or at their workplace are not harmful,” Idowu said. “We have been able to produce good products, high-performing products and still ensure that they are green.” 

The Green Clean Institute based their findings on its evaluation of CoverTec’s ceramic and porcelain tile floor protection and refurbishing products, its vinyl and rubber floor coating products and its resinous flooring systems.


About CoverTec

CoverTec is known for its ceramic and vinyl floor sealers, concrete floor sealers, paver sealers, stone tile sealers, brick paver sealers and concrete paver sealers. The company is also an experienced exporter and its location in South Florida makes it ideally placed to serve the Caribbean and the Latin American market.


About Charles Idowu

Mr. Idowu began his career in concrete design and installation, learning first-hand what worked and didn’t work. The civil engineer specialized in protective coatings for concrete and drew on the experience he gained as an installer to modify today’s products to address porcelain, ceramic and high gloss surfaces.

He perfected the products that CoverTec sells today by collaborating with a talented development chemist and a group of engineers with over 50 years of experience.


About the Green Clean Institute

The Green Clean Institute sets a national standard for Green Clean practices in the cleaning, contracting and industrial service industry in North America.

Green cleaning is a holistic approach to janitorial services that takes into account the health, safety and environmental risks of products and processes associated with cleaning; the mission and use of the facility to be cleaned and behavior of its occupants; and the cleaning and sanitation needs of the facility.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/green-clean-institute-certifies-covertec-products-for-environmental-safety/

About CoverTec Products

CoverTec is a US manufacturer and distributor of floor coatings, floor cleaners and waterproofing products. CoverTec products are used primarily in flooring applications, roof and wall waterproofing and for industrial and commercial maintenance.

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