Granny Flat Builders Sydney are following a safe COVID-19 work environment, ensuring the safety of all individuals, including their team. Shant and his team are licensed Sydney builders who want to make a difference with the quality of the Sydney granny flat market. If you are considering building new granny flats Sydney, Granny Flat Builders Sydney are the company to contact as they take care of Sydney residents, from their professional attitude to high-quality service, you will be beyond impressed with Shant and his team.

Granny Flat Builders Sydney has 30 plus years building experience, and they are proud of the work they have accomplished, in particular – aiding the ‘affordable housing sustainability in NSW.’ It is clear that the team has the experience and the dedication to get the job done right, and now more than ever, they want to emphasize how they are consistently following a safe COVID-19 work environment.

In an online article submitted on Master Builders, it states that there are many members worried about the current situation. Yet, Master Builders insist that they aim to update their members regularly about the implications and risks associated with the coronavirus.

First and foremost, it is the health and safety, and it is up to the employers to ensure they are following a safe work environment. Granny Flat Builders Sydney and all Master Builders now have several measures in place to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Some of these measures include; travelling in separate vehicles, regular washing of hands, disinfecting tools and vehicles each day, staying at home if you are feeling unwell, carrying hand sanitizer and keeping objects and surfaces clean every day, displaying signs of these measures, and work from home where required. The most important, of course, is to self-isolate for 14 days if you have been in contact with someone with the virus.

Granny Flat Builders Sydney also mentions that the Examiner has informed the public that Master Builders are well and truly making construction COVID-19 safe. They have launched a campaign to promote social distancing and to ensure hygiene standards are met during this crisis.

The campaign will last for four weeks targeting all professions within the construction industry. The chief executive of Master Builders Australia has made it very clear that anyone in this sector must take serious precautions and follow the measures in place to avoid the spread of COVID-19, which includes before and after work as well as on-site too.

As stated in the article, construction is an essential industry, with over 1.2 million employed in Australia, so, Granny Flat Builders Sydney, along with all the other businesses and companies will continue to operate but must ensure a safe environment.

Granny Flat Builders Sydney reiterates that they are making it their priority to ensure the whole team follows a safe COVID-19 work environment. The new measures are in place to protect everyone and to stop the spread of the virus.

Get in touch with Granny Flat Builders Sydney today if you are interested in building granny flats in Sydney. If you contact Shant on 1300 830 176, he can discuss the 5 step granny flat building process that they implement. For more information about this process, the new measures in place, or about the company itself, you can go online to and check it out for yourself.


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