Wicker lights continue to be a popular choice for home and commercial settings. This natural material which is hand-crafted into beautiful structures oozes calm, sophistication, minimalism, and beauty.

Fritz Fryer, a family-run business that create truly awe-inspiring lighting from their on-site workshop in Ross-on-Wye, are one of the leading creators of wicker lights in the UK. Their range of handcrafted wicker lighting, and their ability to create bespoke orders, makes them the perfect choice when choosing wicker has your preferred lighting choice.

Below, Fritz Fryer give us 3 reasons why wicker lights are one of this year’s standout lighting trends:

  1. Wicker lights compliment current popular interior design trends

Trends in interior design can come and go in a flash, but two of the most popular trends that show no sign of fading away are ‘Boho’ and ‘Scandi’.

‘Boho’ is what we call ‘Bohemian’, which makes use of warm, earthy colours and the use of natural materials, such as wicker. Greens, browns and greys act as base colours and are combined with carpets, rugs, throws and curtains that incorporate patterns.

‘Scandi’ which is the ‘Scandinavian’ design, never seems to go out of fashion. Focused on minimalism and functionality, it again uses natural materials which wicker naturally compliments, and aims to bring the outside in with the use of plants.

Fritz Fryer’s wicker light range flourishes in Boho and Scandi style interiors, alongside many other current interior design trends.

  1. Wicker lights can be woven to create unique and stunning lighting cases

Following on from the theme of natural materials, wicker has a long-documented history that goes as far back as ancient Egypt.

Made completely by hand, individual lengths of willow are sorted into lengths, steamed to release a warm natural colour, and then weaved around metal frames to create unique, stunning lighting cases.

Some of the most popular wicker lights from Fritz Fryer are their wicker pendant light and their wicker dish cluster chandelier, both of which have been built through hours of expert craftsmanship and care to create unforgettably gorgeous wicker lighting.

  1. Wicker creates beautiful lighting effects in a variety of rooms and settings as it trickles through the weaves and beams from the bottom of the structure

Due to the way in which wicker lights are constructed, they can create beautifully natural lighting that work in a wide range of rooms and settings.

At home, wicker lights are the ideal option for rooms including the living room, hallway, home office, bedroom, and kitchen. Many customers choose to hang three wicker pendants across a kitchen island for example, which can transform the aesthetic and bring peace and calm to an often-busy environment.

They are also great for commercial settings, such as restaurants and bars, as they provide the perfect ceiling light to dine beneath. By using a dimmable LED bulb, you can set the tone for your space, and the natural glow that spills through the gaps creates truly fantastic atmospheric lighting.

Browse the range of wicker lights or ask for a bespoke order today

If you’re keen to jump on this wicker light trend that shows no sign of slowing, you can browse a range of unique and mesmerising wicker options via the Fritz Fryer website. Alternatively, their expert design team is on hand to begin creating your bespoke wicker chandelier or pendant, providing you with something that is one of a kind.


More Information:

Fritz Fryer are antique lighting, modern industrial lighting, and crystal chandelier specialists with a large range of traditional and designer lights. Through the use of the finest materials and finely-honed skills, they create lighting that is bold yet understated. Since the Fritz Fryer journey began in 1982, they have been designing and restoring lights that not only delight their customers but inspire national brands to work with them to realise their creative commercial vision. Learn more via the website: https://www.fritzfryer.co.uk/

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