Fresh Start Home Sales are assisting Snellville Clients in Finding a Home Through Snellville Rent To Own Homes Program. They want to help individuals and families who have good jobs and decent credit who want to become homeowners, but they don’t have the 20% for a down payment on a home.  Fresh Start Home Sales have the best option for you, which is the rent to own program, this innovative program is for future home owners who are finding it difficult to secure a bank loan and may have little for a down payment on a home.  

Rent to Own Home Program – How does it work?

Fresh Start Home Sales makes the program and the process itself seem so simple. The first step involves joining the VIP property list and stating your criteria for the home you want, after that, they’ll send you Snellville rent to own/lease option homes that you can begin looking at.

You will then go with a member of the team to see the homes you choose.

Next, you must fill out an application form for a home that you like, no matter what your financial situation is, Fresh Start will assist you throughout the entire process so you can own your very own home without any stress.

Once the forms have been filled out, you should be informed about what it will take to get you approved to rent to own the property. and you must sign the documents, pay the rent each month, and at the end of the lease decide to purchase the home or not.

Fresh Start emphasizes that there is no obligation to purchase the home after the rental agreement expires. Find out more information about the length of the rent to own/lease option terms and how to get started today on their website.

Rent To Own Homes Benefits

Fresh Start Home Sales states the numerous benefits associated with rent to own homes near me, and they explain why it is the best option for many soon to be homeowners. According to Fresh Start Home Sales – ‘Move only once more into your dream home then lease for up to 3 years with the right to buy that house at any time during the lease.’

Now, this may seem too good to be true, but with the help of Fresh Start Home Sales finding you a rent to own home and securing the lease, you can get started today if you want. With a rent to own home, you will also benefit from a lower move-in cost and lower credit requirements 580+ or better.

Also, part of your lease can be converted to savings toward a down payment. Fresh Start Home Sales considers this option to be suitable for individuals who may want to take time during their lease and improve their credit and save a strong down payment then get a new mortgage to buy the house you chose in the first place which you’re currently living in and adore.

Fresh Start Home Sales is an Equal Housing Opportunity Real Estate Organization

More information

If you’d like to see Fresh Start Home Sales local rent to own homes before anyone else gets a look, enter your details on their website at and see available local rent to own and lease purchase homes.

Also, you’ll get to be one of the first people to hear about new local rent to own homes, so once you enter your email, you’ll receive email alerts as soon as new Rent to Own opportunities open up.


About Fresh Start Home Sales

Here at Fresh Start Home Sales our focus is simple. Find and purchase great houses in and around Snellville, fix them up, and offer them to people in Snellville on a Rent-to-Own basis to help more people become home owners…

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