Despite being patented in the late 1940’s, public awareness and knowledge surrounding HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) is weaker than the likes of CBD and THC. These latter cannabidiols and cannabinoids are now widely available as hemp-derived products, such as gummies, vapes, tinctures and much more, whereas HHC continues to float under the radar.

Today, leading CBD and hemp product manufacturer Fresh Bros have announced a new HHC distillate, available in 3g, 10g and 100g bottles. The company, who have gained a reputation for championing public awareness of such products, will also launch a HHC awareness campaign, to help improve consumer understanding of this cannabinoid.

Due to the soaring demand of CBD and THC products, HHC is steadily gaining popularity. However, it appears consumers do not have the same level of knowledge to confidently purchase HHC products as they do with CBD and THC products, such as liquids, vape pens or edibles. Fresh Bros are determined to champion awareness of HHC across the U.S.

Below, we outline the new Hexahydrocannabinol awareness campaign to improve public knowledge of HHC, and detail the launch of the Fresh Bros HHC Distillate:

Fresh Bros HHC awareness campaign – improving public knowledge of HHC across the U.S and beyond

Fresh Bros have been an innovator in their industry for nearly a decade. In that time, they have built up a strong reputation as a reliable, trusted brand who provide consumers with products that utilize everything from Delta 8 THC to CBD.

A new area of innovation comes in the form of HHC. While hemp-derived cannabinoids such as Delta 8 and Delta 10 have been sweeping the country, few have eluded public understanding more than HHC.

Hexahydrocannabinol offers a similar experience to THC but with less psychoactivity. However, THC is under ever-increasing scrutiny from state and federal agencies. As HHC is not a THC compound, it has the potential to become one of the fastest growing products in the industry, as currently, it is regulated and legal under the 2018 Farm Bill due to it deriving from hemp and not cannabis.

Consumers have regarded it to be a pleasant and mildly cerebral high that can also provide some pain relief. It is less potent than Delta 8 THC milligram-per-milligram and is created through a process known as hydrogeneration. THC is converted to hexahydrocannabinol and then finalized as a HHC distillate.

Fresh Bros understand that there is a demand from the public to understand hexahydrocannabinol in much greater detail, and in-turn, give them confidence in purchasing HHC products. The awareness campaign will break down it’s uses, how it’s created, how it’s tested, if it’s safe to use, is it legal and much more, all of which can be found via the Fresh Bros website.

HHC Distilltate from Fresh Bros

To coincide with the HHC awareness campaign, Fresh Bros have launched a HHC distillate. Organically grown and 3rd party lab tested, it is Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP) certified, it’s vegan, and it’s manufactured cruelty free.

As a hemp-derived cannabinoid experience that is not actually THC, it continues to offer the same potential benefits, such as reducing anxiety, improving sleep, providing relaxation and a cerebral and bodily experience, and alleviating nausea and vomiting.

Available in 3g, 10g and 100g bottles, consumers can find this HHC distillate and a wealth of supporting information and resources regarding its uses, the manufacturing process and the legalities, on the Fresh Bros website.


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Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, Fresh Bros™ is much more than a licensed CBD and Hemp product manufacturer. They embody an active community with a universal holistic health vision. Focused on developing transparent, innovative, and reliable products and services for athletes, consumers and starting businesses, they have been in the hemp industry for a decade. For more information visit their website:

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