French site Questiondetaille is offering helpful advice and tips about Men’s Health. The French website gives advice and information about various aspects associated with men’s health, such as libido improvement and sex tips for a better masculine life.

The Questiondetaille sites also test natural recipes, herbs, and aphrodisiac for testosterone creation, better sex life, self-esteem, and to avoid aging processes in men. The site is for men who are more than 35 years old.

On the site’s homepage, it lays out tests, tips, and products to help improve a man’s masculinity and manhood.  One article with useful advice written on the site is about erectile dysfunction, its definition exercises you can do, aphrodisiacs, frequently asked questions, and then men’s products to avoid this happening.

According to Questiondetaille, erectile dysfunction isn’t a problem for men under 40 years old. However, for men over 40 years old, erection problems are beginning to appear earlier and earlier due to poor nutrition, the feminization of society, and a decline of testosterone.

Luckily Questiondetaille provides you with many solutions, for example, natural products to taking well-known medicines and also psychological and physiological exercises, which can help and improve the quality of erections in men. They also state it can occur in young men who watch an excessive amount of pornography, have diabetes, low testosterone, or low self-confidence. The question of size site offers men a lot of information, also lots of recipes and exercises to overcome this problem.

Question de taille also provides you with information about your penis, with frequently asked questions such as – What’s a little penis? What is the average penis? And women and big penises. Regarding the question about a ‘little penis’ well, the professionals and the doctors state that if your resting penis is less than 4cm and erect at 7.5 cm, then you would be considered patients for penile enlargement surgery. So, what is the average penis? Well, you can check out the video uploaded that gives the measurements for an average-sized penis. Women prefer an average-sized penis if they are in a serious relationship rather than a fling.

Also, the question of size gives men helpful tips and advice on how to ‘bend hard and stronger without Viagra.’ They provide men with great tips such as putting a stop to pornography, increasing your testosterone levels, reducing masturbation, avoiding junk food, and also training your penis. Questiondetaille is very interested in everything related to the health of the penis and the maintenance of good form.

Questiondetaille wants to help men strengthen their penis so they can have a firmer erection and in turn, increase their sexual potency.

If you are wondering and looking for the best natural solutions for a men’s health issues or maybe you are interested in some sext tips for a better masculine life then you should go on to where you will find a range of useful information from advice and tips to recipes and exercises you can do at home. If this isn’t enough, you can email The Question of Size if you have any questions or queries about an area associated with men’s health, email them today at [email protected] and they will get back to you shortly.


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