Freeman Surveying ltd Bristol is the leading direct provider of Non-Domestic EPCs, Display Energy Certificates, Asbestos Management Bristol Surveys and SBEM consultancy.

They offer a combined Landlords Package that consists of a Commercial EPC Bristol provider and Asbestos Management Report with (if needed) sampling and laboratory analysis. This is a very popular service with commercial landlords as two standard site visits are combined into one, saving both time and money.

The company works extremely hard to ensure that customers are served to the highest possible level whilst keeping costs affordable. This is achieved by undertaking all work in-house and using state of the art modelling software to cut back on office time.

The company also provided consultancy, certification and general advice on all aspects of Non-Domestic Bristol MEES consultant legislation. They conduct site visits and energy simulations to ensure that commercial landlords meet with their legislative requirements to their available budget.

Freeman Surveying provides five core services to support those seeking compliance within the Energy Performance of Non-Domestic Buildings Legislation and to meet with their responsibilities in ensuring that their building is safe to work in if it may contain asbestos. The services are:

  • The Asbestos Management Surveys

The purpose of this service is to identify the presence of Bristol commercial asbestos management survey containing materials in a building that can cause harm to the occupants. Freeman Surveying Ltd Bristol understands that a building is an important investment and ensures that the service provided is affordable and easy to understand.

  • MEES Consultancy

Freeman Surveying offers Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) Consultancy that can be applied to all non-domestic properties. With the service, the company ensures that commercial landlords can easily comply with MEES legislation and continue to lease their buildings without breaking the law.

  • Commercial Energy Performance Certificate

Commercial EPCs are required in order to lease or sell a building. An E rating or higher is required. Freeman Surveying ltd Bristol have personally lodged over three thousand Commercial EPCs since inception.

  • Display Energy Certificates for Public Buildings

Similar to a Commercial EPC, with the difference that a DEC is based on operational compliance rather than the asset efficiency of a building.

  • SBEM Consultancy and Calculations

Experts in Building Regulations Part L2 A/B, They make this often painful and frustrating process easy.

Freeman Surveying Ltd Bristol offers affordable and reliable services in the United Kingdom. They have a team that is highly professional, commercially aware and completely trustworthy when it comes to performing the Asbestos Management Surveys, MEES Consultancy, Commercial Energy Performance Certificate, Displace Energy Certificates and SBEM work.

The company does not only take pride in providing high-quality products, but they are also confident in its team’s capability in providing a great overall customer experience.

About Freeman Surveying Ltd Bristol:

With many years of experience in this industry, Freeman Surveying Ltd Bristol understands exactly what clients require. The quality of work, professionalism as well as the affordability of service is one of the main reasons why Freeman Surveying Ltd Bristol wins the trust and support of thousands of customers in Bristol.

Visit their site at or email them at [email protected]. For more information, they can also be contacted at 0117 911 0488.


About Freeman Surveying Ltd Bristol

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