Providing news and reviews on everything football boot related, Football Boots have released a new comparison website to become your ultimate source for important updates in the football boot industry.

Whether you’re looking for your first pair of football boots or are just curious what brands key players are wearing in the Premier or Champions league, Football Boots gives you access to their expert unbiased reviews, maintenance tips and how to choose your perfect pair.

Giving You The Advantage

After joining YouTube in 2011, Football Boots now has 1.45 million subscribers and over 350 million views on their videos, not to mention 685,000 followers on Instagram and almost 14 thousand over on Twitter.

With this huge following, they have used the momentum to create a comparison website that provides you with all the latest news on football boots, cleats, and accessories.

They also have a wide selection of videos full of game changing tips and insider news, such as, the benefits and limitations of leading boot brands, football hacks created by professional football players, and where (and when) to find the best offers or discounts.

The Perfect Pair

Football Boots are dedicated in helping you make every match unforgettable by giving you a step-by-step guide on how to find your ideal pair of football boots.

Know Your Size

Purchasing the correct boot size is essential for both comfort and performance.

Football Boots provide useful boot size guides that are individually tailored for men, women, and children, to show you exactly where and how to accurately measure your feet, while also recommending what boot models will be a perfect fit for the shape of your foot.

Type of Pitch

Many players choose to swap between two boots during the football season, one for muddy, soft ground with interchangeable metal studs and the second pair for harder ground or grass that utilises plastic moulded studs or blades.

Football Boots gives you recommendations for the best boots suited for all the different types of pitches, including what to wear on artificial grass or Astro Turf with important positives and negatives for each.


Are you a striker? Goalkeeper? Midfielder?

You may not think that position is a big factor when deciding on what football boots to wear but there are now a growing number of brands producing boots specifically designed to enhance player positions.

Even if you play more than one position, Football Boots will help you find a selection of boots to choose from, so no matter where you’re standing, you will have the advantage on the pitch.


There are football boots available in a range of different prices, with the cheapest starting from £30 and increasing to £300 for elite or special edition boots.

With this much choice, it is important to consider the three key factors:

  • Quality of materials
  • Quality of craftsmanship
  • Technological enhancements

Football Boots lists boots from both ends of the scale to help you find the perfect pair to suit any budget.

Team Player

If you are still struggling to decide, you can read Football Boots unbiased, expert reviews on a range of popular football boots and brands.

Or if you prefer a more personal approach, they even offer a consultation service or email assistance, that is dedicated to help you find your ideal pair of football boots to make your future matches more comfortable and enjoyable.

More information

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