Florida divorce lawyer Russell Knight (https://divorceattorneynaplesfl.com/bigamy-and-divorce-in-florida/) of the Law Office of Russell Knight has released a new article discussing the topic of bigamy and how it affects divorce proceedings in Florida. With over a decade of experience in family law, Russell Knight brings his expertise to bear on this complex issue.

According to the Florida divorce lawyer, bigamy, which is the act of marrying someone while still being legally married to another person, is illegal in Florida. He states that “bigamy is a third-degree felony in Florida, punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.” However, bigamy can also have significant legal consequences in divorce cases.

In the article, Knight explains that a bigamous marriage is considered invalid under Florida law, and therefore, any legal rights or obligations arising from that marriage, such as property division or alimony, are also invalid. This means that if one spouse was previously married and never obtained a legal divorce before marrying their current spouse, then their current marriage may be considered void and unenforceable.

Attorney Knight also notes that bigamy can affect child custody arrangements in a divorce case. He explains that if a bigamous marriage is discovered, it may be seen as evidence of poor judgment and could potentially impact the court’s decision regarding child custody and visitation.

In addition, Knight discusses the potential legal consequences for the bigamous spouse. He states that the bigamous spouse may be required to pay restitution to their current spouse for any financial losses or damages caused by the bigamy, and they may also be subject to criminal charges and fines.

Knight emphasizes that it is important for individuals to obtain a legal divorce before remarrying to avoid any potential legal issues. He states, “it is critical for individuals to obtain a final judgment of divorce or annulment from their previous spouse before entering into a subsequent marriage.”

Furthermore, it is a commonly held belief that one’s spouse from years ago is either deceased or has gone through a divorce. This is especially prevalent among those who got married in a foreign country. However, it is crucial that the presumption of death or divorce be deemed “reasonable.”

According to Florida Divorce Lawyer Russell Knight of the Law Office of Russell Knight, marrying a bigamist does not absolve a person from criminal charges, especially if they were aware of their spouse’s existing marriage. Knight emphasizes that it is imperative to verify the marital status of a potential partner before tying the knot.

For anyone facing a divorce case that involves bigamy or other complex legal issues, Knight recommends seeking the advice of an experienced family law attorney. He states, “an attorney can provide valuable guidance and representation throughout the divorce process and help individuals navigate any legal obstacles that may arise.”

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