Lexington, Indiana – Feathers and Fleece Farm LLC, home of Mini Whoodle puppies, Mini Sheepadoodle puppies, and Mini Schnoodle puppies, and creator of the Newfkom breed is pleased to announce its relaunch. Founded in 1993, Feathers and Fleece has been breeding stunning and social puppies for 29 years. The company has always been committed to providing customers with healthy, socialized, and hypoallergenic puppies. This relaunch is part of their ongoing efforts to serve their customers better and continue the company’s growth.

Feathers and Fleece have improved their support dog program as part of the relaunch. Nearly ½ of all clients take advantage of this program, and most are for children with depression or anxiety. The company has also improved its website, focusing on providing a better user experience and more engaging content for its customers.

“We supply dogs to schools and offices to help lower stress and anxiety. We are very good at this,” said Jennifer Mingione, owner and founder of Feathers and Fleece. The company offers a program specifically to the elderly, placing already trained puppies with older folks who need companions. “Puppies are ready to be companions and not a job,” describes Jennifer.

Customers of Feather and Fleece rave about their new companions. “We have one of the best puppies… She is so much fun. Very, very smart, extremely athletic. Loving and obedient… We are so thankful we found you!”

Feathers and Fleece’s commitment to providing the healthiest puppies have never wavered. The company provides clients with fully vaccinated puppies and all puppy materials at no additional charge. “With our onsite vet care and training center, we are a facility that is like no other,” Jennifer says as she describes the farms’ state of the art facilities in Lexington, Indiana.

The company reached this exciting milestone with the trust and patronage of Feathers and Fleece’s incredible customers. Feathers and Fleece thank their customers and community for their support and interest in the company’s relaunch.

For more information about Feathers and Fleece’s facilities, training programs, and puppies, please visit www.feathersandfleece.com or contact [email protected].

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/feathers-and-fleece-farm-is-a-breeder-of-sheepadoodles-whoodles-schnoodles-and-newfkom-puppies/

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At Feathers and Fleece our mission is place only the most socialized puppies with our clients.

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