Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center continues to innovate and lead in the field of drug detox and Ibogaine treatment. As a forward-thinking Ibogaine clinic, they have developed a more effective solution to improve the lives of their patients. Now, Experience Ibogaine has added a 10-day detox treatment option that allows cocaine, meth, and alcohol addicts to detox at the clinic, under medical supervision. With this method, patients no longer need to struggle to get off these highly addictive drugs at home, which has been shown to be extremely difficult mentally and physically.

With this treatment process, patients undergo a medical flush of their system under the careful supervision of highly skilled nurses and doctors. Not only is this process more effective, it also significantly reduces the timeframe before patients can receive Ibogaine–when their system is clean from the drug. These timeframes may be longer for alcohol depending on usage. Ibogaine treatment has the ability to target receptors in the brain responsible for addiction and help them recover quickly, with less of the harsh withdrawal symptoms that come with traditional detox.

Ibogaine is an alkaloid that comes with anti-addiction properties. It has been used for centuries as a form of spiritual enlightenment, healing, and in rites of passage rituals. However, in the 1960s, Ibogaine was discovered to be a powerful tool in the fight against addiction, discovered originally to help opiate addiction. Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center has been helping addicts, for almost a decade, utilize Ibogaine treatment to help them overcome their particular addictions–leading the world with a powerful Ibogaine treatment program that targets the areas of the brain affected by addiction and withdrawal.

Ibogaine treats the neurological areas of the brain that are affected by using drugs. Ibogaine can reset the mind back to its pre-addicted state. It helps the brain to function more normally. It can take an addict weeks or even months to overcome withdrawal and addiction naturally. As a trusted and well-reputable Ibogaine treatment center in Mexico, Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center treats their patients with respect and professionalism. They ensure their privacy, safety, and comfort with their services. They have a friendly team that will accommodate the needs of their valued patients.

Experience understands the situation of their clients. With that, they are compassionate and committed to offering treatment to help people reliably overcome addiction. They want them to help their patients have a brighter and happier future, so they provide only the most effective assistance to treat their addiction. They seek to improve and enhance the lives of their patients who suffer from drug abuse, so they continue to develop essential strategies to eliminate their habit in a fast and safer way.

The Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center provides comprehensive Ibogaine treatment options to suit the needs of their patients. Some of these treatment options include:

  •       World Class Ibogaine Treatment Program
  •       Private Suites with Fine Dining and Entertainment
  •       Full Medical Analysis including Liver and Heart Testing
  •       Full Flood Dose of Ibogaine including Full Supervision and Medical Monitoring
  •       Complete Aftercare Planning and After Ibogaine Success Guide
  •       SMART Recovery Coaching and Group Therapy Sessions
  •       Therapeutic Exercise and Mental Preparation Guide

The Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center also offers 5-day and 7-day extended stay services. These programs provide therapeutic sessions and life success training courses to help addicts overcome their addiction and move forward in their life with a renewed strength. Their team also provides an optional, medicinal psychedelic session for anxiety, trauma, and self-actualization.

Experience cares for the health of their patients by offering one-on-one advanced aftercare planning, exercise therapy options, and complete sauna and health food detox plans. Experience Ibogaine clinic is there to help people recover from their addiction and enjoy a happy and successful life–drug free. They offer consistent support because their patients are like family.


For more information about Experience Ibogaine Treatment Center and their services, visit their site at https://experienceibogaine.com/ or email them at (800) 644-8482.


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