Electric Tiger Tattoo is proud to offer its quality San Diego tattoo services. They understand that some people want to create a statement of their personality through a tattoo. With this, the leading San Diego tattoo shop provides its more customized and creative tattooing services. Potential customers can set an appointment on the time that they are available for the service. They can book a consultation to understand their desired results.

Electric Tiger Tattoo has a responsible team that guarantees the safety of its clients. Their professional team works in a clean, safe, friendly as well as professional environment. With their more than 20 years in the industry, they already mastered the best techniques to make the best results from their services. Their team is composed of knowledgeable and skillful tattooists that are committed to bringing the requests of their customers into reality.

Their team ensures their clients to have a memorable experience while working with them. They are good listeners that allow customers to get the exact design that they want. As the most trusted tattoo shop of today’s generation, Electric Tiger Tattoo works carefully to reach or even exceed the standards and expectations of their clients. The satisfaction of their clients is their primary goal in conducting their tattoo business. With this, they only implement the most effective approach to assure that their money, time and energy invested with them are all worth it.

Electric Tiger Tattoo is ready to serve their clients whether they need a custom tattoo or a designed picked from their artists’ flash creations. Their team is eager to deliver an incredible tattoo that perfectly suits to the taste and requirements of their customers. They also welcome walk-ins, but they prefer appointments more. Their tattoo artists are happy to share their talents and knowledge in art through their excellent quality tattoo services.

Electric Tiger Tattoo has professional tattoo artists including Kenny Waizumi, Arnold Santos, Brittany Quintero, Sal Leon, as well as their guest tattooist Shannon Nordin. The customers can get service on a first-come, first served basis, so it is better to set appointments to make the most of their tattoo services. The team of the tattoo shop understands that customers only want the best quality of service. With that, they use the best technique to give the tattoo design that can make them smile and satisfied.

Electric Tiger Tattoo makes sure that their equipment is safe to use. They know that equipment use is crucial for the results of their service. With this, they guarantee their clients that they only use more innovative and superior quality tools to deliver a gorgeous and creative tattoo for their customers. Their team offers a professional service for every client because they want to leave a good impression to them about their work.

They value their good name in the industry, so they only use the best techniques to make the most of their services. The team of Electric Tiger Tattoo does not only treat their work as a career but a passion that they truly love to do. Their work is a form of art that want to impart for their thousands of customers in San Diego.


For more information about Electric Tiger Tattoo San Diego and their services, visit their site at https://electrictigertattoo.com/ or email them at [email protected]. Their team can also be contacted through their phone number (619) 241-2920.


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Our team has over 20 years of combined experience creating high quality and unique tattoos. Whether you’re after a custom piece or a one-of-a-kind design from our talented artists’ flash creations, we will deliver an incredible tattoo that you’ll be proud…

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