It’s an expensive deal to keep a home warm, cool, and power rightly all the time. And it is a tedious job for the HVAC equipment providers to provide the right-sized HVAC solution without accurate heat or cooling load calculation. To address the challenges of the HVAC service providers, today, Energy Design Systems (EDS), a pioneered HVAC engineering solutions provider, has introduced EDS – a powerful HVAC software.

Today, Energy Design Systems (EDS), an industry leader in providing and implementing HVAC engineering and sales systems, has launched EDS – a complete suite of connected solutions and services that combine the Company’s 20 years of HVAC industry expertise with cutting-edge technology. This digital platform, when used together for load calculation and home energy audits, will make heat and cooling load calculations easier for the HVAC service providers.

Coming from the undisputed leader in the HVAC industry, EDS offers HVAC service providers a full suite of tools to not just help them with erroneous and tedious processing of heating and cooling loads, but also streamline and automate their day-to-day activities with ease.

EDS software can serve multiple purposes for the HVAC service providers:

  • A user-friendly and precise home auditor: To accelerate home energy audits, professional auditors can leverage advanced features of EDS to perform an energy assessment. Be it internal leakage, external leakage, or insulation problem, EDS will help the HVAC service providers perform a professional energy audit on the go.
  • Simplified, faster, and accurate heat and cooling load calculations with HVAC load calculator from EDS. The company has announced an introductory offer for the new HVAC service provider prospects to try out their in-built HVAC load calculator to perform heat and cooling load calculations easily and accurately.
  • Discover the right type and size of HVAC solution. HVAC software from EDS can help the consumers find the right size and type of HVAC system suitable for every kind of home.
  • Let the service providers define & configure multiple design conditions. The HVAC service provider can define various conditions, such as summer indoor design temperature, outdoor design temperature, Moisture difference, and so on.
  • Don’t lose control of the critical measurement. The service providers can easily configure and define Attic, Walls, and Glass measurements to ensure they are never missed.
  • Streamline your day-to-day operations and workflows. With EDS the services providers don’t have to spend hours maintaining and tracking the requests manually in cumbersome spreadsheets. Tracking and managing the day-to-day operations will be done on the go.
  • Helps with better invoicing. With an HVAC solution from EDS, it becomes easy to generate the invoices for the jobs completed and share them with the consumers.

EDS leverages cutting-edge technology that is blended rightly with more than two decades of experience to bring innovation in the field of the HVAC industry. With easy to use interface, dynamic workflows, top-notch security, and 99.96% uptime, EDS’s HVAC software has been trusted by more than 25,000 HVAC service providers so far. Also, the software has been associated with popular brands like Carrier, Daikin, Trane, York, TEC, Goodman, and more to boost their business efficiency and overall sales.

The company has also launched a brand new website to promote its HVAC load calculator and home auditor software. With this new website, the company has embarked on its journey in the world of digital marketing space. The EDS team is confident that their HVAC software suite and a new website will help them acquire more customers in the future.

“We’re pleased to combine our unmatched expertise and data with new capabilities in the form of HVAC load calculation and home auditing software that will help service providers make more informed decisions and provide energy-efficient HVAC systems to the consumers.” – said founders of EDS.

Grab a free 14-day FREE trial offer on the home auditor and load calculator to test the capabilities and innovative features. Also, the EDS team has rolled-out bulk discounts for the multiple user accounts for the HVAC service providers…

About EDS

Founded in 2001, EDS serves manufacturers, distributors, and contractors associated with the HVAC industry in North America. EDS allows service contractors to operate their business from anywhere. With the help of Load Calculator and Home Auditor, the company has revolutionized the way of carrying out HVAC system calculations. You can learn more about EDS at


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