Boulder, Colorado – EAR Customized Hearing., a leader in hearing health products, has announced an exclusive partnership with BeBird, a renowned Swiss technology company founded in 2017, to launch three revolutionary cordless digital otoscope kits for ear examination and wax removal.

Through its partnership with BeBird, E.A.R. Inc. offers its customers access to three new cordless clinical video otoscope kits that allow medical professionals to examine the ear canal and remove earwax. The digital otoscopes feature high-quality cameras to provide clear images and real-time video that can be shared remotely to enable telemedicine. These affordable, portable video otoscope kits represent a breakthrough technology for audiologists, hearing aid dispensers, and other hearing healthcare providers.

The BeBird digital otoscope kits ( are the only products of their kind and price range that can connect to the internet for real-time video sharing to support telemedicine appointments. The built-in high-quality camera provides crystal clear images and videos of the ear canal that can be emailed or texted to facilitate remote diagnoses.

The three new BeBird digital otoscope models – the M9-S Pro Ear, X-1, and Note 5 Pro Ear – feature specialized lighted tips to illuminate the ear canal for improved visualization. The kits are ideal for wax removal, fitting hearing aids, placing otoblocks, and checking for infection. The cordless, portable design allows for easy use during in-person or telehealth exams.

“This is a real game-changer for anyone involved in hearing healthcare,” said Garry Gordon, President of E.A.R. Inc. “The BeBird digital otoscope kits make it easier than ever for audiologists, health professionals, and consumers such as concerned caregivers to examine the ear canal and share images remotely. We are thrilled to partner with BeBird to bring these revolutionary products to market.”

The BeBird digital otoscope kits will be available for order through E.A.R. Inc. starting today. To learn more or place an order, visit or call 1-800-525-2690.

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