Dynamo Careers is a results-focused career coaching and counseling service based in Seattle, WA. Headed up by Sonja Price, an award-winning career coach and strategist, salary advisor and leadership coach, they have built a strong reputation in the city for helping their clients take the necessary steps to land their dream job and increase their earnings.

As part of their successful masterclass series, which includes training sessions, podcasts, video guides and career counseling workshops, Dynamo Careers is delighted to announce the launch of a new free ‘Increase Your Income’ Masterclass.

The masterclass is designed to help employees understand how one change in their career can increase their income by $20,000 – $100,000+ or more per year. While increasing employee earning potential is the focus for this masterclass, the content offers far greater value. It is delivered by a team of expert career coaches who have helped clients clarify their career plan, improve their job prospects, enhance their work-life balance, and become expert negotiators through increasing their salary and total compensation.

Below, we outline the new ‘Increase Your Income’ masterclass from Dynamo Careers and detail the credentials of the career coaching team delivering this content:

“One simple change in your career could help you make between $20,000-$100,000 or more per year” – Sonja Price, Chief Career Strategist at Dynamo Careers

The aim of the free masterclass is to provide interested individuals with clear, actionable professional job search advice. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn directly from Sonja Price, who has helped clients earn up to $100,000+ more per year, as she outlines previous successes and the key steps her clients have taken to earn that success.

While the 14-minute masterclass will outline how to increase your income, the information also offers value beyond salary-increasing advice. Viewers are asked to consider their career prospects, professional plans and future goals to attain a balance between work and lifestyle, while hearing real examples of what actions many others across the country have taken to reach these goals.

Earning more and working in a career or industry that you love can be life changing. This masterclass aims to give those who want better careers the immediate guidance they need to begin to make change for future professional fulfillment.

Meet the team behind the ‘Increase Your Income’ masterclass

Dynamo Careers, career counseling, career strategists and job consultants, help their clients identify career goals for the future, and implement strategies to reach those goals. Their clients learn how to become expert negotiators, how to improve their resumes, become ideal interview candidates, master the art of interviews and find fulfillment in their work.

With decades of experience, they understand that when job seekers search for ‘career coach near me’, they want to see clear credentials and unconditional proof that Dynamo Careers is the team to trust. The masterclass series, alongside their range of informative resources including books, how to guides, articles, and podcasts, are all designed to showcase those credentials, and offer unrivaled, actionable, free value.

Dynamo Careers clients have produced significant success in their careers, especially in the technology industry. Many of these client testimonials are available to view via the website. For anyone considering the ‘Increase Your Income’ Masterclass, we encourage you to read and hear what previous attendees have gained from working with Dynamo Careers.

For those who want to find fulfillment in their work and make more money without selling out on their personal values or sacrificing a work-life balance, they can find the best career coach Seattle has to offer at Dynamo Careers.

How to sign-up for the free ‘Increase Your Income’ Masterclass

More information on the masterclass, including how to sign up for free, can be found on the Dynamo Careers website. The feedback the team has received so far has been overwhelmingly positive, and they plan to continue delivering free masterclasses in the future.


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Dynamo Careers is a leading careers service based in Seattle in Washington State. Their expert careers team have vast experience in creating strategies that will help you find fulfilling work, work-life balance, earn more money and reach your professional goals. Learn about their career coaching and counseling services via the website: https://dynamocareers.com

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