Owning a winning racehorse is a dream that so many racing enthusiasts have, yet many do not achieve due to a lack of knowledge, investment opportunities, or connections. Now, thanks to the vision and passion of three brothers from Manchester who followed their childhood dream, being part of the industry and owning a winner could be possible.

Dooley Thoroughbreds was set up by Mark, David, and James Dooley. Although not from a traditional horse racing background, their childhoods were spent enthralled by the industry. Mark trained as a jockey, David became an expert at reading form and picking out winners, and James visited just about every racecourse in the country.

As time went on, careers and life did too, but their love of horse racing never faded. This love of the industry united them, and every time they met, they talked about going into ownership and joining syndicates.

In 2019, the Dooley brothers took the leap. All three had extensive knowledge of the industry and had saved up the capital to go into ownership. Just a year or so on, this leap has been repaid tenfold, with the brothers having winning horses at the likes of The Galway Mie, Ahonoora, The Lartigue Hurdle and more.

So how can you follow in the footsteps of the Dooley brothers and go into racehorse ownership? Here’s their story of how they did it, and how they offer a few select places within their racing syndicate for prospective owners:

  1. How to become a racehorse owner

For the Dooley brothers, racehorse ownership was always something they had wanted to explore. They didn’t do it to make money, but instead to follow a family-interest that united everybody from partners and wives to nephews and nieces.

Their opportunity came about by a chance meeting. Bart O’Sullivan was a well-respected and knowledgeable racehorse owner who had horses trained in Ireland by Adrian McGuiness. Bart introduced the Dooley brothers to Adrian, and their clear passion for the sport compelled Adrian to work with them.

Whilst it was a chance meeting for Mark, David and James Dooley, it never hurts to explore opportunities with owners and trainers who you may know in the industry, and consider joining a syndicate that can offer you that chance to get involved.

  1. The investment required to become an owner of a winning horse

For newcomers and experienced pros, owning a horse isn’t a one-man job. Partnerships and syndicates exist so that a small group of enthusiasts can invest in purchasing a horse, covering the cost of training, housing, vets’ fees etc.

The Dooley brothers decided to invest in three horses with Adrian McGuiness called Saltonstall, Sirjack Thomas and Kasbah. These first three horses would all win races, notably Saltonstall, who captured the £120k Galway mile at the Galway Festival in 2019.

  1. Sharing the opportunity, through the Dooley Thoroughbreds horse racing syndicate

The Dooley Brothers haven’t looked back since 2019. With an eye for detail and top tier connections, they have become one of the most influential and sought-after syndicates in the UK. Where they differ from others is that their family-run, close-knit community is focused on making you a big part of the ownership process.

Joining the Dooley Thoroughbreds horse racing syndicate means you are involved in the experience from start to finish. You are consulted about the decisions made on the horse and its racing career, you can freely visiting the stables, have regular training updates, a share of the prize money and most importantly, enjoy the thrill of going racing and making life long memories.

Considering becoming a racehorse owner through the Dooley Thoroughbreds horse racing syndicate?

The Dooley brothers stick to their roots and prefer their syndicates to be at a small and manageable size. They remain personally invested, both mentally and financially, and as such they don’t offer many places within their syndicate. However, with more Dooley Thoroughbred winners expected over the next few years, they are happy to hear from potential partners. You can learn more via their website.


More information:

Dooley Thoroughbreds was set up in 2019 by three brothers who have had a lifelong passion for horse racing. They had a desire to create memorable days out for family and friends, and a chance to get together as a family to unite behind a shared interest. Now, thanks to their success, they make racehorse ownership a reality for others with their Dooley Thoroughbreds horse racing syndicate. Find out more by visiting their website: https://www.dooleythoroughbreds.co.uk/.


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