Turners Underseal are experts in getting the mold and moisture out of crawlspaces to help people live in a safe and comfortable home. The company understands that moist crawlspaces can be very dangerous to the health of the family. With this, they have formulated a proprietary and effective mold solution alternative when compared to the high cost of Encapsulation.

The company dehumidifies crawlspaces in a very special way to keep it dry. With this, they can reduce the mold and bacteria formations in these spaces of their customers’ home. Turners Underseal uses a very innovative and reliable Dehumidifier System that comes with specialized ducting to fit inside your crawlspace. They have a professional team that has the necessary knowledge and skills in this type of work. They install a unique dehumidifier system with area liner and drainage to detect and prevent mold build up.

When compared with the cost of Encapsulation, their unique dehumidifier system installation can save homeowners many tens of thousands of dollars. As a responsible company in the business, they always want the best for their customers. Their experienced team is guided with the best plan of action to perform a perfect mold removal procedure. The first step is to get the crawlspace DRY, and then keep it DRY to prevent mold from coming back in down the road.

Mold, dust mites and other toxins are the common allergens in high humidity environments. Turners Underseal knows that mold and other allergens WILL affect the health of the homeowners. With that, they only use the best equipment to detect and solve mold problems. Mold can also damage the foundation of the home, so they are always ready to take action to preserve your essential investment.

Turners Underseal uses the best encapsulation alternative to produce the best results with their services. They are willing to help the residents of NE Florida, Savannah GA, Jacksonville, and SE Georgia. They want to give thanks for the support that they get from their valued customers, so they always careful in performing their job. They also have a wood sealer that is effective to prevent mold formation.

With their many years in the industry, they’ve already mastered the best solutions to provide their clients with a safe and healthy home which is mold free.  Your home is a significant investment but this pales in comparison to providing a healthy environment for your family. Mold can wreak havoc on your family’s health.

There’s no cost to have Turners come out and check your crawlspace for moisture and mold. Many of their clients are shocked at the price savings, especially when compared with Encapsulation. So get a second opinion before you encapsulate!

Turners Underseal also has a superior waterproofing sealer for wooden articles such as crawlspaces, attics, decks, docks, pallets, framing trusses, fencing, lumber, and other ground applications. They provide the best water repellent protection for spaces that are affected by sunlight or the weather.

Turners Underseal also values the time of their customers. The team at Turners always offers the best customer support.  They built their reputation one crawlspace at a time and your home is as important to them as it is to you. Your home is a special place and Turners Underseal can get rid of the moisture issues and create a safer environment for all who go there.


For more information about Turners Underseal and their services, visit their site at www.turnersunderseal.com –  email them at [email protected], or contact a customer representative at phone number (904) 903-9569.


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Turners Underseal is a professional-grade polymeric water proofing sealer for wooden articles including attics, crawlspaces, docks, decks, fencing, pallets, millwork, framing trusses, framing, lumber, engineered lumber, other articles used in above ground applications.

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