Limerick, Ireland – Digital Trawler:, is an entirely remote Digital Agency based on the west coast of Ireland that offers its SEO services, such as content creation, SEO audits and digital strategies, to help small businesses, large agencies and corporate software companies rank at number one.

With the experience and expertise to work with anyone anywhere in the world, Digital Trawler has had huge success in the SAAS industry (software as a service) and have helped bring clients from a team of 10 to 60, with the added bonus of some clients being bought out by Amazon.

The agency was set up by Ronan Walsh who spent years working as a freelance Digital SEO Consultant for a range of different sized businesses, but Ronan soon noticed how smaller clients didn’t get the time or results paid for that they deserved – so used his specialist skills to create Digital Trawler.

Worldwide Services

In today’s crowded online landscape, it is imperative for businesses to ensure that their website, brand, or product has online visibility by ranking highly in a search engine – as if your customers can’t find you, then it minimises the amount of exposure and the potential number of customers visiting your website.

Digital Trawler have a range of high-quality services that have proven to be an effective strategy for businesses of any sizes to increase website traffic, search engine ranking and in effect their revenue.

SEO Assistance

The SEO assistance provided at Digital Trawler is designed to help you maximise your companies return from SEO while keeping you on track to reach your targets.

This is achieved by increasing your search engine rankings (which is also directly related to your revenue – so this will also increase) and then Digital Trawler will assist you with maintaining that ranking by offering tweaks and advice on how to further improve your position over your competition and beat any algorithm updates.

SEO Audits

Digital Trawler provide specialist SEO audits that are intended to set you up for success by identifying the quick wins that have the potential to make a huge difference for your websites online ranking.

They can help you reach your traffic and conversion goals by tailoring recommendations specifically suited for your business targets and will create short- and long-term strategy plans or fixes that you can implement yourself (or some may need custom development) to ensure realistic change to not only your online ranking but also for your business.

SEO Migrations

Setting up a new website for your business is stressful enough without the added pressure of having to worry if the current traffic will remain the same when your new site goes live.

SEO Migration is the perfect solution to put your mind at rest.

Digital Trawler will use SEO Migration to identify how you are currently attracting traffic to your website, then accurately identify any new opportunities that are available during a site build that can be utilised to successfully boost your traffic. This information can then be used to predict how much future traffic you can expect after your site has gone live.

SEO Content Plans

Trying to grow your sites traffic organically requires patience, consistency, and time – while not always turning out to be successful.

Minimise this risk by opting for Digital Trawler’s SEO Content plan that outlines content that’s easy to create, easy to rank and other sustainable methods that are guaranteed to keep producing content consistently – so that you can hit your traffic and sales targets.

Digital Trawler also provide effective services for boosting your local SEO, YouTube SEO, Google Ads, offer Monthly Reporting, data and website analytics and conversion rate optimisation.

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At Digital Trawler our aim is to make sure you’re found when a potential customer starts their journey to find their perfect CRM and get them to sign up.

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