Credas verifies the true identity of your customers in real-time using digital identity verification. Credas has the vision to transform and revolutionise the way businesses manage their compliance and due diligence processes.

Now customers can verify face to face or anywhere in the world, and real-time, with Credas’ multi-award-winning facial recognition and liveness detection. It is the best way to check the identity digitally with your customers.

It simplifies and enhances the whole identity checking process. For example, when you’re about to take on a new customer or appoint a new employee, you can check references etc., but you want to be sure the person is who they say they are so the facial recognition and liveness detection is a perfect ID check.

The team at Credas works hard and experiments daily. They are proud of the platform they have created, which provides the desired solution for many businesses and company sectors.

They also believe that the only way to create great things every day is with talented people who enjoy their job.

Their identity verification solution has been developed using next-generation facial recognition technology, enabling you to perform checks in real-time. It’s also an excellent solution for legal, recruitment, estate agents sectors, as well as financial institutions, banks, eCommerce, remittances, gaming and online marketplaces.

All these companies and businesses are in a profession that requires identity checks and identity verification, compliance and risk mitigation of potential customers.

So Credas offers them a great opportunity to securely check thousands of identification documents, by making sure if the person is real through a selfie-and unique action protocol function.

Also, they help businesses comply with GDPR, ensuring all is data stored in a secure cloud environment with a clear audit trail. Credas is proud that they are the only ID verification platform on the market similar to the chips on UK passports.

Credas give an insight into what liveness detection is. Well, it is an area of high priority for many companies, mainly in the biometrics industry.

Without speaking scientifically, it is biometrics that makes use of people’s most unique physical features and behaviours to serve as digital identifiers that computers and software can interpret and utilize for identity-related applications. For instance, they can be used to identify someone in a biometric database or to verify the authenticity of a claimed identity

Considering there is a considerable rise in security risks, data breaches, privacy issues and continued surveillance, a decentralized solution that provides liveness detection for face recognition is apt, that is given today’s data-sensitive environment. With enterprises aiming improved accuracy rates and better staff management, liveness detection authentication providers are rapidly becoming one of the go-to options for identity verification.

Credas are highly skilled in their field being able to help their clients perform checks in real-time using cutting-edge facial recognition, reducing the complex, time-consuming, resource-intensive and often, expensive processes.

Credas offers firms, businesses, and companies the opportunity to manage and monitor incoming and outgoing customers and employees, at the same time ensuring clients meet the highest compliance obligations.

Contact the team at Credas today if you require more information about facial recognition or liveness detection, or if you have any questions or queries. You can call 02920 480720 or you can send an email to [email protected]

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Our vision is to fundamentally transform and revolutionise the way businesses manage their compliance and due diligence processes. Businesses across multiple markets and sectors face compliance pressure from regulatory authorities.

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