Crafted Beds are a leading and recognised name in UK bed manufacturing. They’ve built up a strong reputation with customers and industry peers by focusing their product offer on two prudent areas: customisation and quality homegrown craftmanship.

Today, Crafted Beds are delighted to announce that they’ve launched a new initiative aimed at further cementing their position as the UK’s most customisable and quality hand crafted bed manufacturer. As part of the initiative, customers will be able to choose from more luxury fabrics and colours than ever before and benefit from tailored manufacturing solutions that they say you simply won’t find anywhere else in Britain.

The initiative aims to build on their business ethos which is focused on sourcing quality materials and developing the UK’s best crafters. In doing so, not only can they claim to build luxurious beds that stand the test of time, but they can cater for different customers who like different things. This means fully bespoke, tailored, and customisable crafted beds.

Below, we outline the new initiative from Crafted Beds, and detail the products, services and manufacturing process that has made them a recognised, trusted name in the UK:

An initiative that builds on the success of offering bespoke, customised luxury beds

When Crafted Beds was launched, their focus was to develop a product offer and manufacturing process that met the needs of their customers. Alongside a vast range of top-quality beds and accessories, customisation and bespoke solutions were critical, as their customers wanted a multitude of choice to suit their home aesthetics and personal tastes.

As part of the initiative, Crafted Beds have furthered expanded their already ample number of luxury fabrics, with customers now able to choose from over 40 colours. Not only does this provide customers with unrivaled choice, but the colours are tried and tested with purchasers from across the UK. Crafted Beds say these are some of the most unique, traditional and classy fabric choices that are available on the market.

Customers can now also benefit from even more choice when it comes to base types, button types, matching blanket boxes and mattresses. To see the full expansion in customisation options as part of this initiative, visit:

A commitment to building high quality beds, hand crafted by the best craftspeople in the UK

Crafted Beds have always opted to use the best craftspeople in the UK. Working in their factory in the heart of Yorkshire, they combine the traditional expertise of trusted hands with a commitment to developing young people, providing them with the necessary skills to become the best bed-makers in the UK.

As part of this initiative, and in accordance with the latest regulations, Crafted Beds aims to source furniture from factories that purchase legally harvested timber. They source only the best timber and durable, hard-wearing materials to ensure their customers are purchasing the very best the nation has to offer.

The company also make a conscious effort to hire locally, remaining true to their homegrown talent and economic commitment. They are further investing in the development of young people, to ensure this traditional, bespoke manufacturing process can continue for generations to come.

By combing the best materials and skillsets, Crafted Beds say they can deliver the highest-quality beds on the market, which is key to this initiative.

Letting the customers do the talking: reviews and photo shares across social media

Another key part of this initiative, Crafted Beds want to focus on the response from their customers to-date. Rather than relying on costly photoshoots and print runs, Crafted Beds have many happy customers who regularly take to social media to share their joy at the service they’ve received and to showcase pictures of their fully customised, fully assembled luxury beds.

These types of reviews and social shares are the ideal way to build trust and recognition with new customers, whilst providing the company with feedback and focus for their continued mission to build the UK’s most customisable, luxury beds.

For inspiration, customers can see examples of these social shares via the Crafted Beds Instagram channel.


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Crafted Beds is the home of bespoke luxury beds. We are proud to offer tailored solutions that you simply won’t find anywhere else in the UK, along with old-fashioned quality craftsmanship and a personal service you’ll love. Our beds are made in UK and delivered by our in-house delivery team that can assemble your bed for you. Browse the range at:


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