Life is busier than ever, and as things speed up in our day-to-day routines, women often lose precious time that they once had to take care of themselves. Las Vegas-based Girlz Ink studio makes it possible for people to get some of that time back — transforming lives around the world. Now – owner Teryn Darling is ready to share her expertise with the next generation of permanent makeup artists and help change more lives for the better.

For the past 15 years, Teryn has been doing exactly that — transforming lives in a multitude of ways with her unique, highly-skilled technical permanent makeup procedures. She has also built a strong, talented team along the way — growing Girlz Ink into a permanent cosmetics powerhouse — training and mentoring other permanent makeup artists along the way. Now, she is offering a way for more permanent makeup artists to tap into her expertise with Girlz Ink Training Academy — providing exclusive, unique, and state-of-the art permanent makeup training – entirely online. The Girlz Ink Training Academy is an e-learning platform where students gain the tools and knowledge they need to succeed as a professional makeup artist.

Girlz Ink also offers one-on-one training, shadowing opportunities, and small group training sessions—providing unmatched, personalized education to meet any artists’ specific needs.
Dedication to excellence and education has helped position The Girlz Ink Studio on the global stage—becoming world-renowned for their superior service and amazing results—a reputation that comes from a commitment to being the best.

Permanent makeup can be a life-changing option for some, including those who suffer from conditions such as Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, or stroke – conditions which can impact the ability to perform tasks, such as applying makeup. Teryn can even help breast cancer survivors post-surgery—creating or restoring the areola to a natural-looking color and shape—utilizing advanced permanent cosmetic techniques to create a 3-dimensional recreation that looks entirely realistic.

Some may turn to permanent makeup for another reason—simply to get that time back each and every day. Daily makeup application can be a long, arduous process—and not everyone gets it right every time. With permanent makeup, that daily struggle can finally end. Stop worrying about eyebrow symmetry and getting the eyeliner just right–Girlz Ink Permanent Makeup helps clients wake up every day with flawless makeup–and no wasted time.

With Girlz Ink, every customer can walk away satisfied and confident that their permanent makeup looks flawless, natural, and be long lasting—thanks to a wide range of pigments developed by Teryn. Along with custom pigments, Girlz Ink also supply permanent makeup artists and studios with microblading tools, permanent makeup supplies, and cometic tattooing equipment via the Girlz Ink Store.

Whether someone hopes to regain a little time in the morning or regain their confidence, Girlz Ink permanent makeup makes that possible—and with Girlz Ink Training Academy, they will ensure the next generation of permanent makeup artists will have the skills they need to continue transforming lives—around the world.

About Girlz Ink Studio

The Girlz Ink Studio is a world-renowned permanent makeup studio based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Home to a highly-trained, professional staff of expert permanent makeup artists, Girlz Ink Studio provides full-service permanent makeup training classes.

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About Girlz Ink

Teryn Darling, CPCP is a true artist with ten’s of thousands of permanent cosmetic procedures under her belt. Her mastery of artistic, symmetrical, technical, and color application has made her one of the best and most sought after permanent makeup…

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