Columbus, Ohio marketing agency BSPE Legal Marketing ( releases a new article explaining the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in law firm Marketing. The firm’s founder and owner, Viktoria Altman, says that the competition between attorneys in Columbus, Ohio can be intense, and expanding a lawyer’s practice means that they need to give their law firm more exposure. 

According to the Columbus, Ohio Law Firm Marketing agency owner, “The folks at BSPE Marketing don’t have a Juris Doctorate and attorneys probably don’t know a lot about search engine optimization. Herein lies what business relationships are all about. We rely on authorities in other fields to support us and help us grow because each of us can’t be an authority on everything.” 

SEO (search engine optimization) is a highly-technical digital method that allows search engines to locate a company. The tool will display the exact location of the company to users once it has found the relevant business. Google ranks user relevance as the most important factor in its search engine results. Potential clients can find legal offices online by using this method. An SEO campaign for legal services can help bring in more potential clients than paid advertisements.

Most lawyers understand paid advertising. Before the rise of internet marketing, paid ads helped clients find clients. Paid advertising and organic law firm SEO is a great way to make marketing efforts work toward long-term and short-term objectives. 

Ms. Viktoria Altman also adds, “The larger your web of authority, the more importance Google gives your website. This, in turn, improves your page rankings. Thus, organic or natural” search engine optimization enables your website to build on itself and connect to other well-regarded sites to support your improving authority.” 

Furthermore, Ms. Altman says that it is important for a law firm to keep up with the changes and use these changes to its advantage. Having a legal marketing expert can help ensure that lawyers are able to reach more clients within their area of service. With more people using the internet, the more important it is for lawyers to widen their online presence. 

It is important that a law firm must be at the top of search engines for the right keywords. This way, the law firm will be more visible on the internet and attract more potential clients. This is how Ms. Altman’s services can help law firms in increasing click-through rates and maintain a consistent online presence.

BSPE Legal Marketing has a team of professionals who may be able to help a client boost their law firm’s online presence. It is important to seek the help of an experienced legal marketing firm no matter if a lawyer is just starting out. 

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