Social Bees University is an NFT collection that is burning its own token to maximize the value of its asset backed NFT.

SBU has crossed 500ETH in trading volume!  A milestone few projects have passed in their first 6 months of trading.  A queen sold June 17th  on OpenSea for 12.5ETH in the secondary market.  The Vietnam bee was won at auction for 12,000 $BHNY by FoMoHead a frequent show host on twitter spaces.  It was his idea to sell the Princess for ETH and contribute that ETH to the BURN party and reduce the supply of BHNY available on the open market.

The auction is going crazy, records are being set.  Just last night on the 17th auction, the Maldives Princess Bee sold for 60,010.00 BHNY plus 31338.38 $BHNY for the Royal Bee of Dominica and 3 more worker bees for a total 92,587.38 $BHNY.  Five Bees per day for 380 days will be minted to complete the collection. Every night on the youtube channel the team assembles to watch the auction conclude approximately 930pm est time, seven nights a week.

Social BEES are a collection of 13,838 NFTs (10,038 in Public Mint SOLD OUT 1/3/2022) representing the burning desire to win the right way—principles before profits. Each BEE is unique, programmatically generated. While some claim to be rarer than others, they all offer exclusive experiences and opportunities for the collectors who bring them to life. Your BEE doubles as your Social BEES University membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits. Visit for more details.

Bees are headed to NYC! NFT.NYC is the next major event for the project.  The SocialBees have been nominated for the best NFT/DeFi combination project.  Each Bee NFT is infused with $BHNY making it an asset backed NFT.

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