Coldra Consult finally opens the Bristol Somerset office to the commercial sector. The Bristol office aims to provide an asbestos survey, sampling, and testing service for the city and surrounding area. Both landlords and building owners can take advantage of it. Bristol clients within the city and other nearby areas can have it. This is a service that helps commercial building owners and landlords understand their responsibilities for maintaining a safe, asbestos-free, working environment working inside a building for tenants or employees.  Also, the office provides an excellent commercial asbestos survey Bristol facility to new building owners and buyers in the city of Bristol.

Coldra Consult helps landlords to comply with their legal obligations under UK HSE legislation. Commercial buildings that are built before 2000 must comply with the said legislation for the following reasons:

  • There should be no risk to the safety of a person who works in a building where asbestos is present.
  • Monitoring of asbestos must be carried out so that it will not become more dangerous to people over time.
  • The hazardous material should not affect the daily activities inside the building.

Coldra Consult is an accredited, insured and professional company that provides legal assurance a building owner is in compliance with the legislation. The office meets the needs of commercial owners and is a direct supplier meaning an efficient, cost-effective service. As a result, owners can determine if their buildings have asbestos or not and whether the asbestos material is in a safe condition.

The company is accessible to landlords and building owners who can call them for advice or survey quotations over the phone. This is a personable and straightforward process, making it easy for the enquirer. If a survey is instructed, then the date and time for the surveyor to arrive on site is agreed. The surveyor will carry out a thorough and professional survey including, if needed, samples from any asbestos materials of concern in the building.

After collecting the samples, they undergo a laboratory analysis stage before a final survey report with recommendations is produced for the client.

The Bristol office is a quick way for clients to gain an Commercial Asbestos Management Survey Bristol Report about their building. Here, they can see the executive summary and the asbestos register, plus recommendations for managing any issues. The report will ensure that Clients can be confident they are, or will be, in compliance with UK Legislation, once any remedial action is taken.

Bristol commercial asbestos survey is essential for the Bristol public. Is an assurance that a commercial property owner or landlord is providing a safe environment for commercial purposes. Employees can feel comfortable they work in an asbestos-safe building and confident their environment is healthy.

About Coldra Consultant Ltd:

Coldra Consult Ltd is an expert company that provides Bristol asbestos testing service, sampling, and testing. It operates in Bristol and South Wales. It aims to provide services to landlords and commercial building owners that offers professional assurance they comply with UK Asbestos legislation.

For more information, you could visit this website or call Adam Freeman on number: 0117 911 0488.


About Coldra Consult Ltd Bristol

Coldra Consult ltd are a fully insured, highly professional, direct provider of asbestos management surveys and bulk sampling for commercial buildings. To our clients, this translates into substantially lower costs, a dramatically reduced lead time, and a personable, solution-driven client…

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