Studio City, California—Clear Communications Academy (CCA), the leading firm for storytelling and public speaking for CEOs and business leaders around the world, successfully completes a one-month tour throughout the Middle East teaching Storytelling in five countries.

Working with multi-million and billion dollar businesses, audiences had the chance to learn how to use stories to grow their personal brands, increase sales and motivate employees through the power of stories.

“Helping business leaders achieve impact through storytelling is the most exciting part of this work,” states CEO LaQuita Cleare.

The 1:1 Storytelling Coaching and Storytelling Workshops are innovative courses designed to help individuals in key positions across any type of company or organization become clear, effective communicators. Clear Communication Academy’s storytelling training combines science and art, using their backgrounds working in Hollywood and Psychology.

CCA offers numerous programs that focus on public speaking training, media training, corporate communications skills, and key messaging strategies in both virtual and in-person settings. CCA has proudly worked alongside global brands, including Pepsi, Samsung, Toyota, IKEA, and Jameson, helping improve their teams’ communication skills through content, non-verbal, and verbal delivery training. 

The Art of Effective Storytelling

In both professional and personal settings, effective storytelling is a key skill that can help improve business and relationships. From marketing to advertising, public speaking, business leadership, politics, teaching, and public speaking events, everyone can benefit from professional storytelling direction. CCA provides individuals with the tools necessary to become confident and engaging storytellers and communicators in any aspect of life. 

1:1 Storytelling Coaching at CCA

Clear Communication Academy’s 1:1 Storytelling Coaching service is designed to provide individuals with personalized instruction and direction to become better storytellers. Storytelling coaching takes place one-on-one alongside an expertly skilled storytelling coach. Each coach works closely with each individual to identify their unique strengths, and even their weaknesses, then provides tailored guidance for improving upon those skills. 

1:1 Storytelling Coaching gives individuals an excellent opportunity to improve their storytelling skills, which ultimately helps in becoming better overall communicators. Through personalized coaching from a highly skilled storytelling coach, each person will have a structured direction that works specifically for them, their abilities, and their needs. 

This program helps individuals build a story bank that can be tapped into and utilized in any situation, including professional and business interactions with clients. 1:1 Storytelling Coaching is an ideal option for company leadership, including C-Suite executives, managers, public speakers, and sales teams. To learn more about Clear Communication Academy’s 1:1 Storytelling Coaching, visit Clear Communication Academy’s 1:1 Storytelling Coaching online. 

Storytelling Training Workshop

The Storytelling Training Workshop is designed to teach individuals to utilize their unique skills to become effective storytellers. These workshops cover the fundamentals of storytelling, including story structure, character development, and narrative techniques. Individuals also gain hands-on experience through practice opportunities. The Storytelling Training Workshop is an extensive training program designed for a range of skill levels, from beginners to experienced storytellers. Storytelling workshops are ideal for perfecting your communication skills with others in small group settings, where everyone participates in storytelling exercises, practical sessions, feedback reviews, and reviewing video examples. These groups allow individuals to gain knowledge and skills through on-hand experience and practicing with others. 

Through the storytelling workshop, participants learn how to craft and create compelling stories that resonate with their audience, as well as how to develop their storytelling voice and style and build a story bank they can use in a variety of situations. To learn more about the Storytelling Training Workshop, visit Clear Communication Academy Storytelling Training Workshop online.

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More Information 

With practice and guidance, participants can become more confident, engaging, and effective storytellers. These skills will benefit individuals both personally and professionally. CCA can provide any individual or group with expert direction and guidance to help boost their communication capabilities, both personally and professionally. 

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