When we think of attending church, we think of a physical get together with friends and family to rejoice in the message of Christ. Yet when the Covid-19 pandemic struck and we were told to stay at home to help minimize the spread of the disease, this traditional and welcome recurrence was temporarily halted.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that churches may not have the technological know-how to keep spreading the message of Jesus during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, houses of worship have embraced technology during these testing times, and perhaps more surprisingly, have been doing so for quite some time.

Church Technology Superstore, a leading online supplier of church technology products, have been supplying modern technology to churches for many years, helping them to not only adapt to a digital-first world, but to embrace it. With a vast range of products, backed up by technological how-to articles and videos, they are considered to be the preferred choice of supplier across the US for houses of worship.

Here are three of the most popular live streaming and pre-recording product lines that churches have embraced during the Covid-19 pandemic with great success:

  1. PTZ Cameras

Live streaming events, sermons, lectures, and the like has become critical during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, a lack of a quality camera can stop you from doing so. To truly provide a professional and quality recording or broadcast, without grainy or inferior video outputs, churches are investing in PTZ cameras.

Available with functionality that allows them to be remote controlled, pan, tilt, zoom and connect to several video outputs for increased accessibility, they provide great video production requirements in the modern age.

  1. Auto Tracking Cameras

When live streaming or recording an event, it can feel restrictive or unprofessional if the camera does not follow the presenter. This becomes even more apparent if there are several presenters on screen.

Auto Tracking Cameras provide a sophisticated and high-quality video output thanks to their AI auto tracking technology that captures the activities of all the speakers or participants. It simply takes a click of a button to pre-choose the speakers, so that when one speaker has finished and the second takes over, the camera knows exactly what to do/what to show.

  1. Streaming Encoders

When a house of worship live streams events or records them for a website so that homebound members and even guests can view them at a later date, the right equipment will be required to make this happen successfully.

Streaming Encoders are brilliant devices that make the process easier and more efficient. Many come with built in webcams and USB compatibility, allowing you to work directly with all streaming software’s, while also giving you the control to mix sound, display titles, play media, trigger sound effects and so much more, without needing a computer or costly dedicated A/V gear.

While live streaming is the hot topic, churches are also investing in other technology to bring their digital output to life, and reach wider audiences like never before

If you’d like to invest in technology that can help you to create digital experiences for people far and wide, Church Technology Superstore is the website to visit. From sound systems and lighting equipment to projectors and more, where the differ is through their commitment to providing useful user resources, including how-to guides, reviews, insight and so much more specific to the setup and requirements of modern churches.


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Church Technology Superstore are your online supplier of church technology products, living streaming equipment, video production equipment, church sound systems, stage lighting equipment and much more. They are helping houses of worship embrace technology to revolutionize their churches. Learn more via their website: https://churchtechnologysuperstore.com/.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/churches-all-over-america-embracing-technology-during-the-covid-19-pandemic-with-great-success-thanks-to-church-technology-superstore/

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