Challenge Coin Nation, a leading custom coin design and manufacturing company based in the U.S, have today launched a free challenge coin artwork service. Everybody from military units to business customers can now bring their coin idea to Challenge Coin Nation, who will create artwork of what the coin(s) will look like, completely free of charge.

Challenge coins are specially designed coins that are used as awards, to remember a significant event, to confirm a membership to a group or organization or as promotional items, amongst many other uses. Commonly associated with military personal who receive them as recognition for their service, their popularity has spread far and wide. Today, businesses, membership groups and award makers use challenge coins.

The free challenge coin artwork service comes off the back of continued and rising popularity of military challenge coins, where they are used to represent units, to remember an event or deployment, or to honor service. Challenge Coin Nation have a rich history of working the army, the navy, the coast guard, the air force and more, taking great pride in the tradition of unit design and coins that mean so much to their unit-members.

Below, we outline how the free challenge coin artwork service works:

  1. Submit the design idea at

The good news is that customers don’t need an eye-for-design to bring their challenge coin ideas to reality. Challenge Coin Nation have created unique, memorable challenge coins for all walks of life, and have a dedicated team who specialize in the design and manufacturing process.

Many individuals who want military challenge coins and have some idea on the logo, style or shape they’d like. By submitting an idea via the Challenge Coin Nation website, the team will use their vast experience to suggest initial concepts and provide a manufacturing quote, alongside requesting images, further detail on preferred coin options, and further detail on design concepts. They will guide you through the process, every step of the way.

  1. Receive digital artwork of the coin, created by experienced graphic designers

As leaders of industry, Challenge Coin Nation understand the importance of getting the design and style of military challenge coins right. Units and members want the coin to embody their tradition, heritage and culture, and this can take time. As such, Challenge Coin Nation design revisions are not only completely free of charge, but the numbers of revisions are unlimited. This means that customers end up with challenge coins that they love.

To help with the artwork process, customers can gain lots of inspiration on Here, Challenge Coin Nation have uploaded an abundance of their coin designs and styles for the United States Air Force, Space Force, Marine Corps, Police Department, Fire Department and more.

  1. After approval, coin production begins, based on customers’ requirements

Historically, the production of challenge coins was time consuming, particularly for customers who had approved the designs and were ready to distribute them. Challenge Coin Nation have one of the quickest, quality-assured production processes of any challenge coin manufacturer. Once the payment for coins is received, the artwork and coin specification is sent to the production department, where military challenge coins come to life.

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Whether it’s for the military service departments, businesses or collective membership and event groups, Custom Coin Nation are unrivaled in their customer service, experience, and quality. Ideas can be submitted today via


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