Fürth, Germany – Catsmandoo is delighted to announce that it has now launched its new online store that specializes in cat products. The online store currently serves the German market, but will soon expand to offer its products to more European countries. The new online store has a beautiful redesign and creates an excellent customer experience. Cat lovers can find everything they need for their pets from toys, food, furniture, and accessories. The products on the online store are excellent for customers who want to create a wonderful environment for their cats and give their pets the best products on the market to make them happy.

Catsmandoo has a unique range of cat toys that are bound to make any cat very happy. Some of the best selling toys on the online store are interactive and engaging for cats. The top 5 toys on Catsmandoo’s online store are:

  1. Cat balls with animal sounds
  2. Interactive fluttering birds
  3. Scratching board with balls
  4. Cat play cushions filled with catnip

Cat lovers who want to buy unique feeding bowls have a wide array of options to choose from. Catsmondoo has beautifully designed products for all your cat’s food and drink needs. Catsmondoo’s online store has:

  1. A quiet cat drinking fountain in olive green
  2. A feeding bowl with neck protection made of stainless steel (available in 3 colors)
  3. A cat food mat in contrasting colors (available in 6 colors)
  4. A designer feeding bowl (available in 8 colors)

Catsmondoo also has a beautiful selection of care and wellness products for cat lovers that include a litter box scoop set available in 3 colors and a cat brush in bright colors (also available in 7 colors). Whether cat lovers are looking for wellness products, toys, or food products, Catsmondoo has everything you’ll need. Catsmondoo’s best selling products are available in a variety of colors and are all uniquely designed to give your cat the best possible experience. Cat lovers have given rave reviews about the amazing products they bought and how happy they made their cats. From the cute water fountains to the colorful toys, cat lovers across Germany have received the best products for their pets.

About Catsmondoo

Catsmondoo was founded by people who loved their pets and wanted to create the best possible products for fellow cat lovers. The company’s goal is to create products that improve the lives of cats and their owners by giving them the very best. The founders are passionate about their cats and are dedicated to providing high-quality products. Catsmondoo is also a small family business that cares about the wellbeing of their customers and their pets. The products Catsmondoo sells are innovative, colorful, and excellent for improving the lives of cats.

Catsmondoo donates a portion of their profits to a selected animal protection organization every year and prides itself on using ethical practices to create excellent cat products for its clientele. Catsmondoo also offers free shipping for orders over €50 and also offers its customers excellent customer service. Customers can trust that they’ll find innovative and high-quality products on the online store. There is a wide range of cat products available on the new Catsmondoo online store and cat lovers cannot fail to find something that will improve their cats’ lives. If you’d like to see the incredible products that Catsmondoo has to offer, then please visit catsmandoo.com to be one step closer to creating a better life for your cats.

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About Catsmandoo

Purrrfect! So, Catsmandoo was founded out of our total love for our furry friends! Our goal is to provide products that improve the lives of cats and their owners because we believe our furry friends deserve the best.

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