Making decisions can come with a lot of additional factors to take into account and you can often find yourself asking, is this the right choice? Or how will this impact my life in the future?

With so much uncertainty currently in the world and when even the smallest decision feels like a huge weight on your back, take that pressure off and turn to and their virtual coin flip simulator.

The creators of have over 10 years of business and marketing experience and understand the importance of making the right decision both in your personal and business life. That is why they have designed their virtual coin flip simulator that is available anywhere in the world and on all mobile devices and operating systems 24/7 and 365 days a year, to make that process easier for you.

Heads or Tails? is a fun and engaging online coin flipping experience that helps you make those difficult decisions in an entertaining way, while still achieving the desired result.

The idea has been inspired by the game of Heads or tails, that is usually played with coins. The purpose of the game is to guess which side of the coin will land face up (usually on the ground or on the back of your hand) after it has been flipped. The player who guesses right (either after one coin toss or several) wins the games.

Legend dates the creation of the game all the way back to the Roman General Julius Caesar who is said to have resolved legal disputes by tossing a coin. This then followed through to the Middle Ages where children played a version of the game known as “tails (heads) and pile (tails),” where each coin that was used had two faces with a different value, with players usually placing more worth on the head than the tail side.

The odds are very close to a fair 50-50 split, but the coin does have a 51% chance of landing on the side it started on – so if you started on heads, there is a slight increase in probability that the coin will also land on heads – so, keep that in mind before as you use the coin toss simulator!

The Decision Maker

To use the online coin flip simulator all you have to do is click on the coin to flip it and then wait for your result – which will either be heads or tails.

The website is simple to use, keeps a tally of your results and has no limit on the number of times you can flip the coin, so if you’re not happy with the outcome, you can easily just try again!

There are several reasons why you should use and their coin toss simulator, such as:

  • You don’t want the responsibility of making the decision yourself
  • You want to see all the possible outcomes of a situation
  • When deciding to make a purchase
  • By testing your intuition
  • Trying your luck
  • Or that you just want to have some fun with your friends

Regardless of what your reason is, the coin flip simulator is optimized for a great experience on both desktop and mobile devices, which means you can choose heads or tails to make your decisions whenever and wherever you are in the world.

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About is a coin toss simulator designed to help people make decisions online. We have created this tool as a quick and easy way to make a decision.

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