Residents in need of funds fast don’t need to look further for hard money lenders Arizona to help them. Capital Market Funds is one of the leaders of the community in offering fast, no-hassle private hard money loans. Clients of the company typically receive their borrowed funds within 24 to 48 hours.

Hard money loans, also known as private money loans, are short-term loans clients can secure by placing their real estate properties as collateral. These are loans funded by private companies or investors, which are sourced by Capital Market Funds. The company is the one to help clients connect with private investors from where they can borrow the cash they need.

As expert hard money lenders Phoenix, Capital Market Funds’ team ensures they’re clients find the right loan to help with their financial troubles. In determining the amount of loan a client can take, the value of their property must be considered. Capital Market Funds accept collaterals, either owned by the borrower or property he hopes to acquire.

The company’s lenders have the property’s value as the primary consideration. If a client has a property with significant value, then a good amount of loan and a speedy process can be expected. This also means they do not have to worry about their credit history, as it does matter to Capital Market Funds. In terms of the loan period, the company’s offers are generally short often ranging from only 1 – 5 years.

This makes payment a little easier for the borrower, especially as there are two payment options they can choose from. The first option is  the interest only, while the second is interest and some principal. At the end of the term, the second option also includes a balloon payment. When it comes to interest rates and the points charged, it varies from lender to lender as well as region to region.

However, Capital Market Funds ensure that clients get the best interest rates and finding the lender that can fulfill their financial needs. With a good relationship with a number of commercial lenders in and out of the state, they are able to provide a vast amount of capital to clients in need of financial assistance. Capital Market Funds is a hard money lenders in Phoenix that offers a wide array of loans.

Among the types of loans, they offer include Fix and Flip Loans, Land Loans, Lot Loans, Trustee Sales, Bridge Loans, and Auction Property. Clients can borrow any of these loans for the single family residential, multi-family residential, commercial properties, land, and industrial. Clients in need of funding in a day or two can rely on Phoenix’s hard money lenders to help them as quickly as possible.

Typically, Capital Market Funds lend out hard money loans Phoenix to clients with credit problems, bad income history, foreclosures, etc. These are buyers who often cannot acquire loans because of bad credit history. At Capital Market Funds, this isn’t a problem because all they require is a property with sufficient equity.

About Capital Market Funds LLC:

Capital Market Funds LLC is leading commercial lending in Phoenix, AZ. Founded by a local commercial mortgage broker, Craig Hoebing spent decades in studying and working in real estate, finance, and investing. This made Capital Market Funds serving as one of Arizona’s principal sources of private and commercial loans to those in need of funds in as quick as 24-hours.

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About Capital Market Funds

Capital Market Funds LLC is a recognized leader in commercial lending in Phoenix, Arizona. Our company was founded by Craig Hoebing, a local commercial mortgage broker who has spent the better part of the last 20 years studying and working…

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