Callidus Electric – Las Vegas reveals the most common household electrical problems. Callidus Electric has been providing residential electrical services and commercial electrical services to the Las Vegas & Henderson communities since 2011.

Each Las Vegas Electrician at Callidus Electric is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured electrician. The electricians are highly regarded within the industry, and many large brands such as Walmart and Lulu Lemon trust them with any project, even something minor as fixing a malfunctioning breaker.

Service offered by Callidus Electric

The electricians offer a 24-hour service and provide electrical services such as new wiring, electrical repairs, system installations, solar panel installations, emergency services, and any lighting project that you have envisioned for your home or office.

Callidus Electric offers both residential and commercial electrical services; specifically, they can make commercial electrical repairs and commercial electrical upgrades. The electricians at Callidus have years of on-job experience and know both the National Electrical Code and Henderson regulations.

For residential services, the electricians can tackle any issue you have or work on your current home project give the professionals a call today to get the job done right. Callidus Electric are dedicated professionals and work hard to keep your lights running and your projects moving. The professionals can fix or upgrade your existing electrical panels for you, ring today to see if it is broken or needs a quick fix.

Typical household electrical problems

Callidus Electric is aware that many individuals have to deal with very high electrical bills, a common problem among household owners. The best solution is to switch to a more cost-effective provider or repair any damaged wires or identify any electrical devices that may be causing power surges. Luckily, the electricians at Callidus Electric offer Led light installation, and these lights spend 80% less electricity than incandescent bulbs. Call the electricians today for a free quote on your LED lighting installation.

One household electrical problem that many household owners face regularly is frequent electrical surges. This can be anything from lightning strikes to damaged power lines or faulty appliances and bad wiring. Fortunately, the 24-hour electricians can assist you day or night if you’re facing this issue.

Also, if you’re light switches are not working correctly, it is best to contact a professional electrician like Callidus Electric. This common household issue can be the result of a fault in the outlet, circuit or wiring and the safest option is to hire a professional to fix this problem

More information

It is no surprise that Callidus Electric is rated 5/5 stars by customers with positive reviews after positive reviews and over 300 reviews on Yelp, Google, BBB, and Pulse City. Customers stating their service is ‘punctual and speedy,’ ‘friendly and respectful,’ and ‘excellent quality of work.’

Callidus Electric – Henderson is the most trusted electricians around; if companies like McDonald’s, Tilly’s, Petco, and much more use Callidus Electric for any electrical project, so can you. Why not get a no-obligation quote from the electricians today.

Contact Callidus Electric on 702-835-4747 for your free over the phone estimate and receive top-notch service from the electricians from start to finish. Check out the full range of services offered by Callidus Electric at and click on request job estimate on the homepage for your new project and expect a quick response from the team.


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Callidus Electric has built a reputation for providing premium quality electrical services for residential and commercial needs throughout Las Vegas since 2011.

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